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Rise And Fall Of Evil


May 2, 2013

Most people feel that a time of great change is upon us. But what kind of change is unfolding, exactly?

Here's a look at some big TRENDS that are leading us into a spiritual crisis, followed by a spiritual awakening.

#1) Rise of Genetic Engineering

Scientists are playing god with plants, animals and humans. They are abandoning the seeds and the laws of nature. This is giving rise to "superweeds", "superbugs" and "human cyborgs".

#2) Seduction Into The Matrix

More and more people are escaping reality and "living" in virtual worlds and in "augmented" versions of the real world. We have been seduced into gaming, social networks and computer-human interface devices such as Google Glass and Virtual Reality helmets.

Such devices and social networks that promise connection are actually delivering disconnection. They are leading us into the lap of extreme isolation, social detachment, escapism, delusion and depression.

#3) "Omission" News

Instead of reporting factual news, the mainstream media monopolies are selling fiction propaganda that serves their agenda. They use the power of omission to deprive the public of socially-relevant stories.

When watching the news, an informed observer must now ask, "What are they NOT showing me?" Important stories like "DHS stockpiling" never see the light of day.

#4) Censorship Of Knowledge

Anyone who counters the propaganda lies is branded a whacko, traitor, conspiracy theorist or terrorist. Architects and engineers who dared to expose 9/11 with the coherent physics analysis of building 7 as a controlled demolition have been censored.

Publishing truthful knowledge about nutritional supplements and natural medicine like colloidal silver is considered a criminal activity.

The goal of the governing, self serving tyrants is to reshape reality so that the population is disconnected from natural medicine and their natural rights. This makes the population easy to control.

#5) False Flags

The Government and Hollywood are co-producing, writing, directing and casting "reality terror TV" shows like 9/11, the Aurora movie theater massacre, the Sandy Hook school massacre and the Boston Bombings.

These terror productions have been sold as actual news events to justify increased government surveillance and the suspension of civil liberties - allegedly for our own protection. These false flag operations serve to blur our perception of what's real and what's not real.

#6) Death Of Privacy

The government is tracking and cross-referencing our every uttered word, email, web page visit, photos and electronic communications.

Freedom of thought and expression is being suppressed. The ever increasing surveillance that includes overhead spy drones is rapidly turning our quasi police state into a totalitarian nightmare.

#7) Rewriting History

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Schools, publishers and the mainstream media teach revisionist history. The history lesson is that "we must give up our freedom to protect our freedom".

#8) Rise And Fall Of Evil

We are being led into an era of "suffering" born out of detachment from self, from nature and from higher consciousness. Once the human and planetary suffering becomes intolerable and unbearable, a critical mass will be reached followed by a spiritual renaissance.

We have yet to acknowledge that the world is an educational playground. It is a stage and the villains are our teachers. Whether they realize it or not, their job is to push us to wake up and evolve. The big question is - how far must we be pushed?

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