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The Bible Is Influencing World News

December, 2014


Nothing Hollywood does is without a propaganda (AGENDA) motive. To the untrained eye, Hollywood movies like "The Theory Of Everything" movie about Stephen Hawking, appear perfectly innocent but the Hawking movie makes it perfectly clear that Hawking is a genius and Hawking is an "atheist".

The New World Order is a godless world order in which the world will worship the World King as their god. This is defined in the Protocols of Zion, an authentic document that has been discredited by the Zionist propaganda machine to cover up their mission.

Protocols: The Document That Explains Everything



Please research this for yourself.

Exodus is another new Hollywood release that retells the same old revisionist story about the persecuted Jews being kicked out of Egypt and fleeing to the land promised to them by god - which they named Israel. There is not one ounce of documented archaeological evidence for such an event ever taking place. It's a complete fabrication.

Six hebrew Kings ruled Egypt as the fifteenth dynasty Hyksos Kings for 100 years as foreigners known as the "Habirus"or "Hapirus" (Hebrews). Their leader, Thutmoses III, invaded the neighboring land of Canaan which had been settled by the Philistines (today's Palestinians). The Hebrews stole the land of the Philistines and divided it up into 12 tribal regions. They renamed the land ISRAEL. IS (Egyptian fertility Goddess Isis) RA (Egyptian Sun god) El (Hebrew God).

The Romans burned down the Jewish temple and burned Jerusalem to the ground. The real exodus of the Jews was the flight of the 12 Hebrew tribes from the land of Canaan stolen from the Philistines (Palestinians). The Romans gave the land back to the Philistines (Palestinians) and renamed the land Palestine.

It took over a thousand years for the Zionist Jews to reconquer the land of the Palestinians. The Rothschild Zionists negotiated the terms for ending World war II. Read Lord Balfour's letter to Lionel Rothschild promising the land of Palestine to the Zionist Jews!

balfour declaration letter - Google Search

The Rothschild Zionists renamed the land called Palestine - "Israel" in 1945. Since then, the Zionist Jews have bombed, tortured, killed and herded Palestinians into smaller and smaller tracts of land (Gaza and Golan Heights) and persecuted them mercilessly as they build illegal Jewish settlements on their land, build walls, cut off food and medical supplies and make life for the Palestinians a torturous living hell.

Of the 12 Hebrew tribes that fled from Israel in the first century, the Tribe of Dan was the most powerful Hebrew tribe. They fled north through Europe leaving sign posts of their migration route by naming towns and cities after their leader "Dan" like the Danube River, Jordan River, Danmark (Denmark) meaning the "mark of Dan." The tribe of Dan used a snake as it's symbol on its ships and became the dreaded Vikings (VI = 6) The VI-Kings = 6 Kings. Viking King Canute, became the King of Denmark, Sweden and England!

Today's British royals including Prince William and Queen Elizabeth are descendants of the Viking Kings (Hebrew Tribe of Dan). The United Kingdom is the RE-UNITED kingdom of the 12 tribes of Israel. The Union Jack is the "Union of Jacob" - patriarch of the Jewish tribes. Britain means "land of the covenant" (of Abraham) and British means "man of the covenant" (of Abraham).


Prince William, (the 999th Knight of the Garter cult) will be crowned King in 2015 at the Masonic age of 33. The number 999 is 666 upside down. Prince Charles will be by-passed for violating the "no divorce" rule. Watch for the Queen's announcement of William's coronation ceremony in 2015.

While the movie "Exodus" was playing in theaters... where did William go while visiting the USA? To Cleveland to see Lebron James play basketball. Lebron James has been dubbed King James by the media (like King James of the King James Bible). Meanwhile, in the news, 150 children were massacred (sacrificed) in Pakistan - alluding to the killing of the first born children described in the Bible.

The bible is being played out in real life and it provides a prophetic formula for global control and one world government under one world ruler called the antichrist. The Christian world is being tricked into passisvely waiting, believing and expecting that Jesus Christ will defeat him.

Learn the entire story and evidence:

Watch Ring Of Power I, Ring of Power II: The Zion King and read the Prince William 2015 Ebook




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