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The Queen's 9/11 Connection & Cover-up



August 2015

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has implicated Queen Elizabeth in financing 9/11 and in the 9/11 coverup.

The SVR states that the Queen ordered the plane crash that killed Sana bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden's sister, who was due to give testimony before The Iraq Inquiry on Monday 3 August, 2015. Her testimony would have proven that Osama bin Laden did not commit the 9/11 attacks.

The bin Laden private jet carrying Sana bin Laden who was about to arrive in Britain was blown out of the sky by a small missile, says the SVR.


Sana bin Laden would have testified at The Iraq Inquiry that two CIA officials visited with her brother Osama at the American hospital in Dubai convincing him to be transferred to Pakistan where he would be given more extensive treatment for kidney disease.

Her most sensational testimony at The Iraq Inquiry would have been her statement that the 9/11 attacks were financed by Saudi Prince Fahd bin Salman and Prince Ahmed bin Salman utilizing the banking accounts of Queen Elizabeth II which were controlled by the Swiss accounting giant KPMG.


According to French intelligence reports, CIA agents visited Bin Laden at the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001, two months before 9/11. It was also widely acknowledged that Bin Laden needed a kidney dialysis machine because of renal health problems. Indeed, CBS News reported that Bin Laden was having kidney dialysis treatment the night before 9/11. The corporate media backtracked and reported that that Osama Bib Laden actually had kidney stones, not kidney disease, despite the fact that the CIA admitted back in 2008 that Bin Laden had suffered from kidney failure.

Confirmation of Osama’s transfer under CIA control to the Pakistani military hospital in Rawalpindi, this report says, was further provided by US newsman Dan Rather, the anchor for CBS evening news, who on his newscast confirmed that Osama bin Laden was transferred to Pakistan on 10 September 2001, one day before the 9/11 attacks. Dan Rather lost his job for going against the Bush regime.

Sana bin Laden further testified to The Iraq Inquiry that immediately after the CIA “persuaded” her brother Osama to move to the hospital in Pakistan, she contacted Prince Fahd bin Salman in Saudi Arabia who warned her of the 9/11 plot, and which he described as a" massive oil for weapons deal".  Prince Fahd bin Salman was killed two days later on 25 July 2001.

With the murder of Prince Fahd bin Salman, Sana bin Laden, feared for her own life and her families lives. She fled to the protection of Prince Ahmed bin Salman in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, where she remained until 13 September 2001 when she and her family were allowed to return to Saudi Arabia.

Prince Ahmed bin Salman was a close friend of Queen Elizabeth II. They had horse racing and thoroughbred breeding connections. The Lexington, Kentucky, horse farm-estate where Sana bin Laden and her family took refuge was owned by the South African Dr. John Chandler and his wife Alice Headley Chandler…whose horse farms and estates not only watched over Prince Ahmed bin Salman, but Queen Elizabeth II too.

Sana bin Laden’s plane crash death was not the only death ordered by Queen Elizabeth II over her complicity in financing 9/11. The former KPMG accountant, Marcie Thomason, was also killed in a plane disaster in Lexington on 27 August 2006 due to her knowledge of how the 9/11 attacks were funded.

Saudi Prince Ahmed bin Salman was assassinated less than a year after 9/11, on 22 July 2002, and a further conspirator, his cousin Prince Sultan bin Faisal, was killed on the same day as the Prince Ahmed bin Salman’s funeral.


Why were these Saudi princes (Prince Ahmed bin Salman, Prince Fahd bin Salman and Prince Sultan bin Faisal) complicit with the CIA in the 9/11 plot to attack America and funneling their funds through Queen Elizabeth’s KPMG accounts? One need only look at the Bush Family controlled Carlyle Group, which today remains the chief beneficiary of all of the US wars since 9/11 raking in over $2 trillion in profits when all of the subsidiaries are combined.

The Bush Family CRIME SYNDICATE has accumulated massive wealth through war. Combined with Queen Elizabeth II’s unlimited power - “The Sovereign can do no wrong and no laws can be brought against her”, this SVR report concludes that the Queen is the Godmother of the 9/11 plot by Saudi-American-British conspirators. The murder of Sana bin Laden, the framing of her brother Osama for a crime he couldn’t have committed, and the continued terror and mass killings of anyone who threatens their power, will never have to be answered for.

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