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Alex Jones Is Bill Hicks - More Proof


August 2016

There's a rumor circulating around the net that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. Sounds like a hoax and lots of Alex Jones fan websites will agree...but take a closer look and it appears that the only hoax was the death of Bill Hicks.

Where did Alex Jones get his start?

His career didn't start spontaneously on his own initiative with an Austin talk radio and local cable access program, as he pretends. It started with Sacred Cow Productions – a multi-media company founded by musician/writer Kevin Booth and by the political comedian, entertainer, and actor Bill Hicks.

Bill Hicks - a CIA agent?

Bill Hicks’ career was stalled in stand-up and he began trying to take new career directions – including ‘ conspiracy ‘ theories. At the time of Hicks alleged death on February 26, 1994, he was ranting about the Waco massacre conspiracy.Then two years later “Alex Jones” shows up at the same spot as the new ‘right-wing hero’ by championing the Waco Branch Davidians and helping them rebuild their church. Evidence can be found that suggests it was really Bill Hicks under the guise of a new persona – the result of plastic surgery, weight gain and testosterone to deepen his voice.

Some of the evidence is found here: https://dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/alex-disinfo-jones-is-bill-hicks-shill-hicks/ and suggests that Bill Hicks transitioned himself into a new ‘right wing’ talk-radio conspiracy-minded shock jock at the time the US government was accusing AM radio talk show jocks of inspiring ‘lone wolf’ domestic terrorism.

Bill Hicks Death hoax

This Bill Hicks to Alex Jones transition coincided with the debut of the new internet-era and the timing was perfect for the government to insert a pied piper, a glib "agent provocateur" into the ‘alternative media’ scene. They wanted someone who could lead patriotic Americans around in circles. And so Bill Hicks apparently went to work for the CIA – transforming himself into Alex Jones , the new ‘info-warrior‘.

Hicks death was a media hoax in which he was reportedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on June 16, 1993 that spread to his liver - all while he was touring and recording his album, Arizona Bay, with Booth. He was also working with comedian Fallon Woodland on a pilot episode of a new talk show, titled Counts of the Netherworld for Channel 4 at the time of his "alleged" death. The budget and concept had been approved, and a pilot was filmed and shown at various Tenth Anniversary Bill Hicks Tribute Night events around the world on February 26, 2004.

What are the chances that Kevin Booth’s Sacred Cow Productions was able to replace its “dead” 1994 superstar with a “new” 1996 superstar who has facial alignment measurements that are exactly the same?

The Video Proof doesn't lie

Let's look for similarities in "legitimate" video footage of Bill Hicks before he reportedly died in 1994 and video footage of Alex Jones in 1998. Play the videos of Hicks starting at 2:20 and play the video of Jones simultaneously. This looks like a match! This story is credible!You decide.


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