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God is Imagination


August 2016

What did Albert Einstein mean when he said, "Imagination is everything" and "Imagination is more important than knowledge"?

If Imagination is everything and God is everything, then God is Imagination. We were created in God's image (image-ination) with the God-like ability to imagine and create.



Since we are created from Imagination (God), we are imaginary beings and since "imagination (God) is everything", then everything we perceive to be real is imaginary.

If everything is imaginary, then what is "real"?

What we believe to be real and true is real and true for us. Pokemon Go is about people who are chasing creatures they believe are "imaginary".

Scientists will tell you there is no physical world, that everything is vibrating recycled atoms. Everything you see is light waves that you input through your eyes (cameras) and process through your brain (computer) as a series of images (image = image-inary). The word "real" is a CONcept. It's what you imagine, believe and perceive to be real and you are totally convinced of it.

We have the ability to imagine, create and change the world that we imagine and perceive to be real. If you imagine and believe the Earth is flat, round or cube shaped, then it is - and you will find ways to prove it's true. God is also whatever you imagine God is. That belief is true for you and you work hard to prove that what you imagine God to be - is "true," "real," and not imagined.


Think about yesterday's science fiction that is no longer science fiction today. People once thought that flying planes, space travel or skyping people thousands of miles away was science fiction and impossible. Olympic world records that have been broken in running, high jumping, weight lifting etc. were thought to be impossible fifty years ago. Articifial heart and organ transplants, titanium knee and hip replacements were all thought to be impossible.

Our imaginations have yet to learn that nothing that we can imagine is impossible. Why? Because everything is created from Imagination (God) and from our God-like imagination. From a salt shaker and pencil to your cell phone and TV, everything we create began from our imagination and evolved from our imagination.


Imagination can be a friend or foe, God or the Devil. If you imagine and believe you are trapped in a corrupt world, a loveless marriage, a dead-end job, that "life's-a-bitch-and-then-you-die", then that is real for you and that is what you are perceiving and manifesting. If you believe the propaganda that you must choose between the lesser of two evils in a rigged American election, that is what you are helping to manifest within the "collective" imagination.

Our rulers know that imagination is everything. They use their media monopolies to limit your imagination through their news shows. They tell you the world is a violent and threatening place, that you must pay taxes for their endless wars for profit.

To free yourself, you must free your imagination from the limits that have been imposed on it and realize that everything is imagination (God) with limitless possibilities. Your world can be a beautiful place.

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