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JFK Murder: Jackie Did It -Evidence & Motives


September 2016


Look at the video footage! Watch as Jackie Kennedy pulls the trigger of the smoking gun that blows her husband's brains out.

What did Jackie do after her husband was shot in the head? Instead of screaming, clutching onto him for dear life, ducking down for cover to save herself and her husband from more bullets, she reaches back to "pick up his splattered brains" and makes herself a target. WHAT????

NO WOMAN WOULD REACT LIKE THAT! Why wasn't she screaming, clutching him, ducking down?


Whether you were alive on November 22, 1963 or born afterwards, the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is without closure, an unsolved mystery in the minds of most Americans who are still asking, "Did Oswald really act alone as the Warren Commission insisted?" or "Was there a government cover-up at the highest levels; and if so, why?"

She is the last person anyone would ever suspect. If you watched the Zapruder film of the assassination, you were probably moved to tears at the sight of Jackie crawling onto the trunk of the limousine to "allegedly" retrieve a portion of her husband’s brain matter.

The JFK murder is an unsolved mystery because people are afraid to even consider the unthinkable.


Here is the undeniable and observable sequence of events:

1. Jackie Kennedy turns to JFK in the seconds before the shooting, staring at him, and he stares back at her. She is filmed raising her hand in the air with an object pointing straight up in the air.

2. Jackie then lowers her hand and arm below JFK's head. Immediately afterward, JFK is shot in the head.

3. The trajectory of the shot can be seen moving straight up into the air. It is not coming from the grassy knoll.

4. There is a lingering puff of smoke right next to JFK's head indicating a firearm discharge.

5. Jacky pushes JFK by his bloody head off her and away from her.

6. Jacky reaches back to collect something off the trunk, possibly her gun shell casing that could have been used as evidence against her. The official story that she was reaching for her husband's splattered brains makes no sense. The gun she used would have been a semi-automatic handgun, possibly a 9mm, if not a 45. These guns eject their shell casings!

7. Watch the security guy in the video take something from Jackie's hand as she picks something up off the trunk of the car - the shell casing evidence?

Contrary to common assertions, Jackie did not cradle JFK's head after he was shot. Watch the Zapruder film and see for yourself. She pushes him by the top of the head off of her as he collapses towards her and she immediately leaves her dead husband to get something off of the trunk of the vehicle. WATCH IT. Try to find where she "cradles" her husband. It does NOT happen.

This is clear, undeniable, observable evidence that protective security men who could have witnessed the murder were called away from the motorcade.


Here is a list of POSSIBLE MOTIVES that could explain why Jackie Kennedy murdered JFK.

1.  JFK’s indiscretions with other women including Marilyn Monroe occurred from the start of their marriage. In Peter Evan’s book,  “Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys…”, Jackie began an affair with Onassis months before the assassination. The Kennedy marriage was in such shambles, Jackie didn't even share the same hotel room with JFK on the night before the murder.

Jackie took vacations without her husband on Aristotle Onassis' private yacht before the assassination. She knew that her husband’s tryst with a possible communist spy, Ellen Rometsch as well as his secret marriage to Durie Malcolm was about to become scandalous public knowledge. 

2.  Jackie's life and the lives of her children may have been threatened by the LBJ conspirators if she didn't cooperate with the assassination scheme. They promised extensive cover-up of her involvement including the doctoring and falsification of autopsy documents and eye witness reports.

3. The wealthy Aristotle Onassis, a New World Order advocate, promised Jackie a prosperous and protected life after the murder. Evidence links him to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. See Peter Evans’ book, “Nemesis,” for details.

4. Jackie attended boarding schools, the Vassar and spent her junior year studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. When she got back to the US, she enrolled in George Washington University in Washington, DC, graduating in 1951, then took a job at the CIA in January of 1952. She worked at the Washington Times-Herald in 1952 as a photo- journalist. During an assignment, she met U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy . They were married on September 12, 1953. The entire biography can be read here.  

5. JFK's vice-president was Lyndon B. Johnson who became United States President following JFK's assassination. Jackie colluded with Lyndon Johnson's conspirators in the JFK assassination. Tape recorded phone calls between LBJ and Jackie from shortly after the assassination reveal their close ties.

6. Jackie Kennedy kept and continued wearing the pink garment still stained with her dead husband's blood during Lyndon Johnson’s swearing in ceremony as the new President of the United States. This morbid act suggests that she participated in the killing as a blood ritual. Jackie's bloodstained suit is now held in the National Archives, but the matching pillbox hat was lost on the day of the assassination. It has never been recovered...nor has the gun that the "pink panther" used to blow out her husband's brains and make LBJ the new President of the United States.

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