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Trump's autistic son Barron steals victory speech



November 2016

Trump's 10 year old son Barron stole the spotlight during Trumps victory speech. Viewers assumed the boy's symptoms were sleepiness...but watch carefully.

Barron Trump is not showing signs of sleepiness. He's showing symptoms of autism. His disinterest, blank expression, abnormal and jerky eye squeezing tics, jerky hand movements, attention deficit, nervousness and restlessness are typical symptoms of mild autism.

Watch the tense concern on the faces of the adults sitting near Barron Trump as he fidgets nervously and behaves abnormally and restlessly in his seat.

All of Donald Trumps children have appeared together and been interviewed except his son Barron.

The largest-ever multinational study on autism funded by Autism Speaks, associates parental age with increased rates of autism. Autism rates are highest among children of parents with large gaps between their ages. Donald Trump, 60, and Melania, 36 had a 24 year age gap between them when their son Barron was born.

There is a high risk of autism in children born to fathers over 50. Genetic mutations in sperm increase with a man’s age and these mutations can contribute to the development of autism.

The analysis included more than 5.7 million children in five countries. The study, funded by Autism Speaks, appears in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.  

During a Presidential candidates debate, Trump expressed his belief that vaccines are the cause of autism in children. Acknowledging that his son's autism is related to his sixty year old sperm and the 24 year age gap with his wife is not a consideration.

Barron Trump is living with his parents. He has an entire floor to himself in the opulent three floor Manhattan Penthouse at Trump Towers said Melania Trump during an interview with Parenting magazine.

How Barron will adapt to life in the White House and the cover-up of his special needs will be challenging.



  • unusual way and infrequent eye contact with others, no eye contact when spoken to
  • express few facial emotions, inability to read other people’s facial expressions
  • use very few gestures to express themselves
  • difficulty with falling asleep and staying asleep
  • anxiety or feeling overwhelmed – especially in a new place, or social situations
  • depression – older children and teenagers who are aware of their differences are also often aware of how others see them and can feel like outsiders. These feelings might be intensified by changing hormone levels during puberty
  • aggressive behaviour – they often have sensory sensitivities that can lead to sudden aggressive behaviour. They might have difficulty understanding what’s going on around them which can lead to frustration build up, self-injurious behavior and tantrums
  • eating disorders 
  • difficulty with organisation skills 
  • feeling overwhelmed or confused


Some may envy Donald Trump for his wealth, power, fame, beautiful wife and luxurious homes and lifestyle...but Donald Trump and his wife are burdened with the demands of a special needs autistic son who requires 24/7 attention from one or both of them for the rest of their lives. His sleeplessness, aggression, tantrums, antisocial behavior, emotional deadness and neediness must take a toll on their marriage and togetherness.

Now that Donald Trump is President, he will be generally an absent father and husband. The family will be under constant security watch and live as prisoners in their home. Rioting and threats on Donald Trump's life will be a daily concern.

A man without privacy or peace of mind is not a man to be envied. Donald Trump's only privacy is at an altitude of 30,000 feet. His beautiful wife is preoccupied full time with caretaking their special needs son.

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