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How to Talk To Dead People


February 2017

Who are you?

Do you believe you are a spiritual being having a physical experience in this earthly realm of time and space?

Do you believe that when you die, you cease to exist? Over and out? Gone? Kaput?

Do you believe that when you die, your spirit continues to exist in this realm (ghost) or in another realm (eg. heaven/ hell) or is your spirit reincarnated back into this earthly realm or a different realm?

If you DO or DON'T believe in a spiritual existence after death, this technique of talking to the dead might prove it to you. It's called "automatic handwriting" or psychography.

You can use psychography to communicate with the spirit of a dead relative, a dead celebrity or an historical figure and you can also use it to communicvate with the wisdom of your "higher self".

This video references the results of scientific studies of people who have communicated with the spirit world using psychography.

This video gives you a superficial description of how to use psychography to communicate with a dead relative, a dead celebrity, an historical figure or with your "higher self".

See a more detailed description below.



STEP ONE: Draw a straight line down the middle of a sheet of paper from top to bottom dividing it into two separate columns.

STEP TWO: To succeed, you must empty your mind of thoughts. Remember. Automatic handwriting bypasses the ego and mind chatter. Clear your mind and totally relax by searching through your body for any signs of tension. Take three very long and slow deep breaths. As you slowly exhale each breath, release all body tension and repeat these words to yourself - "deeper and deeper relaxed" over and over again.

STEP THREE: Get a picture in your mind's eye of the person whose spirit you want to communicate with such as Mary Magdalene. Focus on her and focus on the energy that surrounds her.

STEP FOUR: Pick up your pen and write a simple question in the RIGHT COLUMN of your divided page. For example: "Mary Magdalene? May I ask you some questions?"

STEP FIVE: Without thinking about it, switch your pen to your LEFT HAND and press the nib to the paper in the LEFT COLUMN. Hold the pen WITH A RELAXED GRIP. With your mind void of thoughts, give up control of your pen to the spirit you want to communicate with and allow your hand and the pen to start moving. Don't be afraid and don't judge what is being said.

STEP SIX: The left hand writing may be hard to read. It might say, "Magdalene is not my surname. There were no surnames in my lifetime." 

You may think that whatever your pen writes is just your imagination talking but the words will surprise you.


If you want to prove to yourself that you are really talking to the person's spirit, ask them a question that they know the answer to but you don't know the answer to. Research the answer to find out if it is correct. 

If you were unsuccessful the first time, it is because you were unable to quiet your mind and set your ego aside. Try again.

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