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The Time Trap: Free Yourself


February 2017


Calendars, dates and digits rule our lives. Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like time and life are in a hurry? In our programmed linear stream of consciousness, we race from one repetitive commercialized "time" date to the next. Every year, the repetitive dates like birthdays seem to revisit us faster and faster. We believe that time ages us and we buy cosmetic or surgical weaponry to fight it like a deadly enemy...when in fact time is NOT the cause of ageing nor is it the enemy. It is an illusion.

Year after year, our brains and the store shelves get stuffed to the max with repetitive advertising and stuff. Mountains of it! Birthday stuff, January New Years stuff , February Valentine's Day stuff, March Mother's Day stuff, April Fool's Day stuff, May Remembrance Day stuff, June Father's Day stuff, July Independence Day stuff, August Women's Day stuff, September Remember 9/11 stuff, October Halloween stuff, November/December Christ-mass/New Years stuff - THEN THE LINEAR TIME TRAP IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN!

Our programmer-rulers have programmed us to believe that time is real and time is linear. They invented the calendar, the alphabet, numerical and corporate symbols that dominate our consciousness and rule our lives. Saturday is Saturn day. Sunday is Sun Day. Monday is Moon day. July was named after Roman ruler Julius Caesar. August was named after Roman emperor Caesar Augustus.

Time is nothing more than a man-made measurement of the movement of the earth around the sun. One day is measured by the rising and setting of the sun (which doesn't really rise or set). One year is a man-made measurement of the number of sunrises and sunsets it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun.


Life feels like a movie and space-time is like a DVD. Nothing about the DVD ever changes yet all this drama keeps unfolding in front of us. The past has already happened. The future doesn't yet exist but things are constantly changing. Like a lot of things about this reality we are experiencing, linear time is simply a very convincing illusion. It is an illusion created by consciousness. “Space” is also an illusion.

In a film projector, the illusion of motion and time is created when the projector displays the still frames of the film, one frame at a time, in a rapid steady sequence. Yet, ALL the frames exist simultaneously. In fact, the projectionist can take out the film, spread it out on the floor, and view all the frames at the same time.

In a similar manner, our consciousness “projects” individual “still frames of reality” in a steady and extremely rapid sequence, BILLIONS of times per second, creating the ILLUSION of the flow of TIME. Each “frame of reality” contains absolutely NO MOTION whatsoever — it is a perfectly STILL image. And yet, by rapidly sequencing these still frames, we create the illusion motion and time.

Sets of information in the infinite matrix function much like the still frames in the film strip. Our earthly consciousness functions much like the film projector, viewing still frames in a rapid steady sequence. Our higher-self exists in the timeless realm and functions like the film projectionist, who can take out the film and view ALL the frames simultaneously.

“It is you who are moving, not time. Time has no movement. There is only One Moment.”  – Bashar


The very fabric of the Universe is consciousness. Your consciousness is a spark of the universal consciousness that experiences itself through you.

Mainstream science, with its rigid materialistic view of the universe, believes that consciousness arises from the operation of the brain. The operation of the brain does, in fact, give rise to LIMITED cognitive and analytical abilities and local memory but our higher consciousness exists within the field of universal consciousness. Our ruler-programmers separate us from that field by programming us with thoughts and beliefs that lock us into the illusion of time and space as a reality construct.


The information that represents every aspect of every moment of the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously, eternally and NOW. And not just all the information for the timeline illusion that we are experiencing, but from all possible timelines — literally an infinite matrix containing everything imaginable. This is not accessible to us within our programmed space-time dimension.

In an unbounded (unconstrained) state of consciousness that our higher-self is capable of, we can move our point of awareness anywhere in the infinite matrix of information that represents all that is. We can navigate through it by either the “temporal” dimension or the “spatial” dimension.

Despite our physical reality is an illusion, the experiences it provides trains and drives spiritual evolution and growth.


Normally, the “reality-frames” that we view in rapid sequence like moving pictures are related and similar creating the ILLUSION of continuity. Continuity is required to make the game of life a convincing experience. If we experienced obvious discontinuities, we would realize we were players in a game, and that would diminish the effectiveness and purpose of the game of life.

How continuity is enforced is not entirely clear but one explanation is that we simply don’t BELIEVE jumping around time-lines is possible. Because we steadfastly BELIEVE in the idea of time and its continuity, discontinuities don’t normally happen. We EXPECT continuity, so that’s what we get.  We are creating all of our reality with our thoughts and beliefs — this is how the universe works, this is what it is, we are part of a great cosmic mind.

Continuity is not an absolute requirement. It is possible to “jump” to a completely different frame in the infinite matrix. Jumping around the timelines would normally be considered “Time Travel”, and this has traditionally been considered impossible. One argument that is often put forward why time travel isn’t possible is the classic “grandfather paradox” that states:

If you time-travel to the time of your grandfather and kill him before he has any children, then your father would not have been born, and then you would not have been born. And if you were never born, you could not go back to kill your grandfather.

Of course, the paradox dissolves when you realize that there are an infinite number of time-lines — all simultaneously co-existing (parallel but distinct paths thru the infinite matrix, or “flows” of events). When you “Time Travel” you are jumping to a DIFFERENT time-line.  There is no change whatsoever in your originating time-line. The time-line you switched to may appear to be almost identical to the one you where on, but it is a totally DIFFERENT time-line.


The paranormal/psychic phenomena of remote viewing and sheds light onto to the underlying nature of our reality and is consistent with the illusory nature of time and space.

Remote viewing is the term that the military intelligence community coined as an alternative to other metaphysical terms. Remote viewing is the ability to view any location, no matter how distant, in one’s mind simply by conscious intent. According to the book Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing anyone can develop this ability with training.

The ability for the mind to “see” any location in space strongly suggests that consciousness exists outside the brain in the fabric of the universe as many ancient schools of thought believed and that many leading-edge contemporary scientists are starting to understand and prove (The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain).

Our conscious awareness is part of something akin to a universal mind and in its unbounded (unconstrained) state, we can move our point of awareness anywhere in the infinite matrix of information that represents all that "is, was and ever will be" navigating through it by “spatial” or “temporal” dimensions. Through remote viewing and out-of-body experiences, we are accessing our unbounded (universal) mind and moving our focal point of awareness.


Our ruler-programmers exploit the knowledge that "imagination is everything" and that "imagination is more important than knowledge" (quotes by Einstein). They are controlling, limiting and confining our collective imaginations and what we believe to be real and true including death and taxes.


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