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November 2018

When it comes to the big questions, what life is all about and what’s really going on here, everyone else is as clueless as you are. Nobody really knows what’s going on. People are just making it up as they go, so we tend to take our cues from the most confident-looking people.

Here are the three things that are most overlooked. (1) consciousness itself. (2) Compulsive thinking habits (3) The influence of mass media propaganda on how we think.


Beneath the noisy mental chatter in our heads, there is a deep, abiding peace. It isn’t something you need to strive for to obtain. It's right here, right now. Any turmoil and lack of peace in your life is the result of chasing after people, places and things that you believe will bring you peace and happiness.

Society is made up entirely of stories and characters on a big screen. There are rules, laws, expectations, beliefs and protocols for how human beings are supposed to think and behave. These are mental constructs. The world's most powerful people understand that since society is made of narratives, whoever controls the narratives controls society. We need to awaken to this fact that it's all just stories - and we can change the story whenever we want just by believing we can.

Most of our experience is dictated by habits of thought and perception formed mostly in early childhood. Where we focus our attention, how we interpret and respond to events, the decisions we make, the thoughts we think - is a programmed subconscious habit. To experience peace means becoming conscious of programmed peace-killing thoughts and behaviors and un-doing them.


It is possible to be truly present in your life at all times instead of living in a world of compulsive mental chatter. We can shut down our habitual thought patterns and go within to a place that is empty of thought, a place of thoughtless awareness, of no-thingness, of selflessness.The past doesn't exist except in your head as a memory. The future doesn't existexcept as unmanifested anticipation. When you are present without the chatter and programmed mental constructs, you are in a natural state and life becomes joyful and beautiful. Life delights in itself. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy this natural state, but there is a lot that you have to stop doing.

We all have people and media in our lives trying to manipulate and control the way we think, act and see ourselves. Be aware of the manipulation attempts, take back your mental sovereignty and remove the people and media from your orbit. You will soon realize you are far more powerful than you ever imagined.

Recognizing that society is made up entirely of stories and characters, it is flexible. You can escape from what pretends to be an inescapable living situation. You can free yourself from what seems like insurmountable obstacles just by knowing what direction you desire to move in and then doing it with confident intention. Hold on to your positive intention and move toward it like you’re already where you want to be.


This may be hard to grasp at first but the self is an illusion. Your name, age, gender, race. These are self labels. They are a mental construct with no solid object in the center. What most people think of as “me” is "ego" - a mental “I” self image swirling around in your consciousness. The truth is - there is no hard, solid object that can be called "a self" anywhere to be found. All that is happening are thoughts and feelings and a body moving around within the matrix. If you look within for the self, you will turn up nothing but stardust. Humans share most elements with the stars - hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, iron and sulfur. Your mental noise is much easier to undo when your awareness of self as an illusion is deeply grasped.

If you search for truth you won’t find any. If you search for lies you’ll find an epidemic of them within your own operating system. Those lies can be excavated and dumped. The answer is letting life be as it is, freeing yourself of the lies you’ve so innocently and unconsciously become chained to throughout your lifetime. What remains when you remove the chains is life as it is. And it’s gorgeous.

By Caitlin Johnstone. (Revised and edited by Grace Powers)


Don't look at the world as something outside of yourself. See the person you imagine yourself to be as a part of the world—really a dream-world— which you perceive as an appearance in your consciousness, and look at the whole show from the outside. Remember, you are not the mind, which is nothing but the content of consciousness. As long as you identify yourself with the body- mind you are vulnerable to sorrow and suffering. Outside the mind there is just being, not being father or son, this or that.

The person that one thinks one is, is only a product of imagination and the self is the victim of this illusion. 'Person' cannot exist in its own right. It is the self, consciousness, that mistakenly believes that there is a person and is conscious of being it.

You are beyond time and space, in contact with them only at the point of now and here, but
otherwise timeless, spaceless and invulnerable to any experience. Understand this and grieve no

Once you realize that there is nothing in this world that you can or need call your own, you will look at it from the outside, as you look at a play on the stage or a movie on the screen, admiring
and enjoying, perhaps suffering, but deep down, quite unmoved.

Now do you see how space and time,which come along with consciousness and make manifestation perceivable, are the culprits? All you can truly say is: 'I am' (meaning what is, is).The moment there is a thought of 'me' as a separate personaliy, there is what is termed 'bondage'. To realize this is the end of all seeking. When you apperceive that whatever you think yourself to be is only based on memory and anticipation, your search ends and you stand aloof in full awareness of the false as false.

Pointers From Nisargadatta Maharaj By Ramesh S. Balsekar 






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