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Exposing The Royals



Here is an excerpt from Part One of The Zion King sequel to the epic Ring Of Power DVD series.

Before their fairytale wedding, not everything was perfectly perfect for Kate and William. The couple split up at least half a dozen times over 8 years. Kate was even dubbed "Waity Katie" by the British tabloids as she waited patiently for her Prince to pop the question.

When William publicly dumped her in 2007, his aristocratic fraternity pals called her the “practice chick”. After years of splits, reconciliations and will-they, won't-they speculation... William finally slid a ring onto Kate's finger. It was the used ring that belonged to his deceased mother - the same ring she wore during her doomed and loveless marriage to William's two-timing father - Prince Charles.

William, on the other hand, refused to wear a wedding band and stayed as ringless as a bachelor. A husband's refusal to wear a wedding band is a big no-no for most women. How committed and "in love" can he be, they ask, if he won’t even show off the fact that he's married?

Even if their 8 year on again off again relationship wasn't perfectly perfect, at least their fairytale wedding would be perfectly perfect. The couple set their wedding date for April 29th, 2011. Coincidentally, it was the exact same day as... Hitler's wedding day and it marked the 66th anniversary of Hitler's marriage to Eva Braun.

On TV screens around the globe, billions watched as the ringless William twisted, squeezed and fumbled a gold wedding ring onto Kates finger but denied her the same honor. Every flag waving commoner wanted a royal souvenir that they could take home and cherish forever and ever. Well maybe not forever and ever. The royal condoms souvenir probably won't last forever and ever.


Yes, everything was perfectly perfect until the balcony kiss that royal wedding watchers waited breathlesly for. That magical moment was stolen by a three year old flower girl whose sour expression cast a giant shadow over the royal kiss. Kate finally bent down and whispered something like..."Put on a happy face, will you? You're ruining everything!"

Why is the pouting flower girl important enough to be named Prince William's goddaughter? Because...she's an Astor.

Fritz Springmeier identifies the Ass...tors as one of the 13 Satanic bloodlines who made billions from opium, slave trading and loan sharking. His book gives referenced documentation of their criminal history.

Many within these unsavory power circles were on William and Kate's wedding guest list...like James Rothschild of the Rothschild bankster dynasty. James Rothschild brought along his passed-around girlfriend, Astrid Harbord, who, according to the tabloids, had previously shagged Prince Harry.


Also on the guest list was Gary Goldsmith, Kate's uncle. The tabloids report that uncle Gary is a filthy rich cocaine snorting, pill popping, porn peddling, foul-mouthed, randy, hedonistic playboy. He was video-taped at the wedding popping pills with his female escort.

Kate's uncle Gary Goldsmith is the younger brother of Kate’s mother Carole Goldsmith. He was filmed covertly by undercover reporters for the UK's News of the World at his sprawling $10 million villa on the Spanish party island of Ibiza. He named his villa "Maison de Bang Bang" which is French slang for House of Sex.

Guarded by MI6 agents, Prince William and his bride-to-be holidayed, partied and yachted at Gary Goldsmith's House of Bang Bang in 2006. The undercover reporters reported that kate's uncle Gary entertains his guests with hardcore porn on a massive 52-inch screen at his bang bang house. He supplies pot, cocaine, ecstacy and hookers and door-to-door delivery. Does anyone really believe that William and Kate just held hands and sipped tea on their Bang Bang holiday?

And speaking of uncles, which uncle is slimier? Kate's uncle Gary or William's Uncle Andrew? (...continued)

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