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Obama: The Whole Untold Story

Behind the waves, smiles, teleprompters and photo ops, nobody really knows who the hell the President Of The United States really is!

Why are Obama's college records still "sealed" (hidden). No one can investigate what classes he took, what subjects he studied, or what papers he wrote. Nobody knew him or even remembers him from Columbia University.

Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims he was there, but none remembered him. None ever heard of him at the class reunion. Obama's photograph isn't in the school yearbook. Obama consistently refuses to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or names of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia. Why? Because he was never there!

Obama's real name is Barry Soetoro. He used the name "Barry Soetoro" to receive financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. The OFFICIAL transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order.


In Obama's memoir, Dreams from My Father, Frank Marshall Davis is identified as Obama's "mentor". 

Who is Frank Davis? Frank Davis was an amateur photographer, a radical black power activist, a Communist Party member and an advocate of legalized pederasty (anal sex between an older man and young boy).

Frank Davis moved to Honolulu, Hawaii from Chicago in 1948 with his second wife Helen Canfield Davis, a WHITE Chicago socialite and fellow Communist. Frank Davis had five children and divorced his communist white wife in 1970.


Suspicions were raised that Frank Davis is Obama's real father when it was learned that Davis authored a hard-core pornographic autobiography called, Sex Rebel: Black. It was published in 1968 by Greenleaf Classics under the pseudonym Bob Greene.


The Frank Davis porn book tracks Davis' life in Chicago and Hawaii. He wrote in the book’s introduction that although he “changed names and identities, all incidents I described have been taken from actual experiences.”

Davis described an incident of “swinging” with a couple from Seattle, and how he and his wife had numerous encounters with an underage girl named “Anne.”

Since Ann Dunham's parents lived in Seattle and knew Davis well, was the swinging couple Davis was referring to Ann's parents (Obama's grandparents)?

Barack Obama’s maternal grandparents who were originally from Kansas (where they also knew Frank Davis), moved to Seattle where his mother was enrolled in Mercer Island High School.


Upon graduating from high school, Ann Dunham was known as a “full-fledged radical leftist”. Classmate Susan Blake described her as someone who “never dated white boys.”

After graduation, Ann Dunham followed her parents to Hawaii in 1960 where they renewed ties with Frank Davis. Ann's father, Stanley Dunham, and Frank Davis were close personal friends. They drank whiskey together, smoked pot and chased women in Honolulu’s red-light district. Stanley Dunham raised Barry Soetoro (Obama) and sometimes left him alone with Frank. This has led to speculation that Obama was sexually molested by Frank Davis who openly supported pederasty.

Frank Davis was a journalist and an amateur photographer who proclaimed himself to be bisexual, a voyeur, exhibitionist, mildly interested in sadomasochism, and deriving sexual gratification from “bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and urinated on.” His racy nude pictures of Obama’s mother were allegedly taken at Frank Davis’ apartment around 1960 which is when Obama was conceived. The photos were found in Davis' photo album.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has photographic evidence that Frank Davis is the man who took the nude photographs of what looks like Barack Obama’s white mother. Pictures show Frank Davis sitting on the same sofa that Ann posed naked in front off.


According to Barack Obama’s official biography, his mother became impregnated by Barack Obama Sr. in November 1960, and married him in February 1961. But Andy Martin, known as the man who “gave birth to the birthers movement,” claims Frank Marshall Davis sired Ann Dunham’s child. Frank Davis was already married to a wealthy white socialite, so he paid a Hawaii University student named Barack Obama to take responsibility. By agreeing to an arranged marriage and marrying Dunham, Barack Obama Sr. could legally stay in the United States. He would not have taken his new family back to Kenya because he already had a wife and two other children there. Plus, his father disapproved of his marriage to Dunham.

The marriage of Dunham and Obama Sr. was clearly an arranged marriage. They never once lived together after their marriage and never shared the same address. In fact, almost immediately after Obama’s birth, Dunham moved to Washington state and Obama Sr. relocated to Harvard a year later.


In his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama describes Frank Davis as a “father figure” and mentor. Prior to his enrollment in college, he penned a poem about Davis entitled “Pop.” Whenever Obama needed counseling during his teen years, the grandparents invariably went to Davis to provide advice.


Obama spent much of his youth apart from his mother who married Lolo Soetoro in 1966. Soetoro was a colonel in the Indonesian armed forces and worked for the CIA-installed dictator, General Suharto during the Indonesian coup d’etat that killed 250,000 to 1 million Indonesians. Lolo Soetoro, was rewarded with a top job at Exxon. Did Lolo Soetoro adopt Barack Obama? If so, why has Obama refused to release his adoption records?


Little is known about Obama's white mother and grandmother besides the details provided by Obama and his handlers.

Obama's white granny, Madelyn Dunham, became vice president of the Bank of Hawaii soon after her arrival there. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that she supervised escrow accounts (money laundering) that the U.S. government used to funnel money to its "gray" and "black" drug activities throughout Asia. Granny was clearly more than a small cog in the machine.

Obama's mother worked for Timothy Geithner's father - Peter Geitner, as Program Officer for the Ford Foundation. She developed the Ford Foundation's microfinance program in Indonesia. Her son who is now President of the United States, hired Timothy Geitner as his U.S. Secretary of the Treasury! Timothy Geithner had earlier worked for Henry Kissingner.

President Obama’s National Security Adviser, Jim Jones, states that Henry Kissinger sets Obama's national security and foreign policy by giving daily orders. "I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger...We have a chain of command in the National Security Council...", says Jones. (see White House website speech).



Officially, Stanley Anne Dunham gave birth to Barrack Obama in Honolulu on August 4th, 1961...but the OFFICIAL University of Washingtom records prove that she was 2680 MILES AWAY in Seattle attending classes that same month.

Why has President Obama persistently refused to release documents that would provide answers?

Because an authentic birth certificate and medical records would reveal his blood type and his blood type might prove that Barack Obama Senior is not his real father.



Here are the events that led to Obama's meteoric rise to the White House which point to Frank Marshall Davis as the man who sired Obama:

Obama's road to the white house was paved by Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers. The birth certificate debate has diverted attention away from the identity of Obama's real father. Niall Kilkenny of Reformation Online reports that, “Sometime between 1927 and 1948, Frank Marshall Davis was recruited as a special agent or informer for the FBI. As a newspaperman, Davis had the perfect opportunity to know what was happening in Chicago. As a black left-wing ‘Communist’ sympathizer, no one would ever suspect him of associating with the ultra right wing FBI.”


At Occidental College in Los Angeles, Obama hung out with “Marxist philosophers” and attended “socialist conferences.” In the meantime, his mother found employment with USAID and the Ford Foundation, both of which served as fronts for the CIA and Rockefeller Foundation.

In 1981, Obama, supposedly a poor college student from a broken home, traveled to Indonesia, Karachi, Pakistan and Hyderabad, India. Numerous research investigators postulate that the CIA funded these trips. Don Frederick’s well-researched timeline shows that, while in Pakistan, Obama’s host, Muhammadian Soomro, was linked to the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI), which was involved in “money laundering, bribery, terrorist support, tax evasion, smuggling and illegal immigration.” They also worked very closely with the CIA.

Upon returning to the U.S. in 1981, Obama’s next destination was New York City and Columbia University. Where did Obama get the money to attend an Ivy League college? According to his official biography, Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983...but something strange arises from this time period. When questioned by the New York Times about his undergraduate studies, Obama “declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcripts, or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate or friend from those years.”

Obama’s college records and transcripts from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard have all been sealed and not released—just like his “official” birth certificate has been sealed and not released by Hawaii’s governor.


What we do know about Obama’s tenure at Columbia is that he lived only a few blocks away from Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, and that both attended socialist meetings at Cooper Union during the early 1980s. More importantly, Frank Marshall Davis was a close friend of Ayers’s father, Thomas, in Chicago, and purportedly arranged for Obama to meet Bill Ayers upon his arrival in New York City.

Even wilder is the fact that Obama also met and was tutored by Zbigniew Brzezinski during this time. Brzezinski is a CFR member and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller. Now, how often does a poor college kid from a broken family get to be mentored by one of the most powerful men in the world? Brzezinski was one of the first people to endorse Obama’s candidacy, then served as his foreign policy advisor during the campaign.

Between Columbia and his pilgrimage to Chicago, Obama worked for the Business International Corporation, a CIA front that specialized in recruiting left-wing organizers to use as assets.

In a recent book entitled Barack and Michelle, best-selling author Christopher Andersen contends that Ayers is the author of Obama’s Dreams From My Father. “The book’s language, oddly specific references, literary devices and themes bear a jarring similarity to Ayers’s own writing.”

Obama's political career was launched with a fundraiser at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. There, Illinois Senator Alice Palmer announced that she was stepping down from her post and that she was hand-selecting Obama as her successor. In "The Case Against Barack Obama", researcher David Freddoso alleges that Senator Alice Palmer “was identified by the FBI as being on the Soviet payroll in the 1980s" and attended of the 27th Congress of the Communist Party.

Valerie Jarrett is described as Barack Obama’s “eyes and ears.” Her great-uncle is longtime Bilderberg member Vernon Jordan and her mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, appointed Tom Ayers—William Ayers father—to the Erickson Group’s board of trustees. Valerie Jarrett's father-in-law—Vernon Jarrett—worked for the same Communist-leaning newspaper—the Chicago Defender— as Frank Marshall Davis. Vernon Jarrett became the Chicago Tribune’s first black writer and landed an assignment at the Chicago Sun-Times where he used his columns to promote up-and-coming superstar - Barack Obama.


Obama met his wife, Michele, at the Chicago law firm of Sidley Austin, where Valerie Jarrett hired her. One of this firm’s major clients was Tom Ayers (father of Bill Ayers), while Michelle’s mentor was Bernadine Dohrn - the wife of Bill Ayers.

Subsequently, Jarrett hired Michelle Robinson (now Michele Obama) to work for Mayor Daley’s political machine, and is also cited as the reason why Barack moved to Chicago. In this sense, one of Davis’ associates—William Ayers—drew Obama to Chicago from one end, while another Davis connection— Valerie Jarrett—drew Michelle in from the other. Again, the similarities between Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “prearranged relationship” cannot be denied.

Jarrett also had close ties with fellow slumlord Tony Rezko (Obama’s bagman), and was the person first mentioned to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat (leading to the Blago pay-to-play scandal). Judicial Watch lists her as one of the nation’s top 10 most corrupt politicians, and it is she who traveled to Copenhagen with Michelle Obama to make a final bid for Chicago to be the Olympic host city in 2016. Lastly, Jarrett brought self-avowed Communist Van Jones in as the green jobs “czar,” while also completing Obama’s inner circle with David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and company.

This article does not prove that Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s father, any more than other stories which maintain Malcolm “X” sired him. Without an original birth certificate, speculation will continue. However, Frank Marshall Davis cultivated all of the above-mentioned Chicago roots back in the early 1920s. He was a pivotal figure in the Communist Party’s inception and his deep-seated connections catapulted Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008.


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