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50 Shades of Black and Blue & Making Hate

February, 2015


What do our Zionist trillionaire masters do with all that money they've robbed from us as their slave class?

Besides playing international war games with our stolen money and torturing us with impossible debt, these banksters produce movies, half-time Superbowl shows and Awards shows about what turns them on - Satan, the baphomet.

Their latest turn-on is their Universal Pictures 40 million dollar movie called" 50 Shades Of Grey" that they promoted for Valentine's Day. It grossed over $60 million at the box office just on its opening weekend and they're planning a sequel.


Theaters were filled on Valentine's Day with couples watching a shy, plain looking, no-personality virgin girl get raped, lashed, beaten, tortured, humiliated and abused by her rich, sadistic, sexually violent lover who gives her a contract to sign. The contract allows him to choke her, beat her, blindhold and tie her up, fist-fuck her anally and vaginally and string her up to the ceiling in a room that he calls "his play room" but which is really a torture chamber. Is this romantic? Is this beautiful? Is this loving?

To sell sexual violence to viewers, the Zionist mind-fucking producers put a romantic, glamorous spin on the abuse and torture. The messages they're selling in this movie are: "there's freedom in slavery (submission)". "There's freedom in turning your power over to a master". "You can assault , humiliate and beat the crap out of someone and still love them." "No means YES!"

These NWO Zionists have also been selling us messages through their TV network monopolies about war and freedom: "We must make war to make peace". "We must give up our rights to protect our rights."


Valentine couples spent $40 for movie tickets, popcorn and drinks and they spent over an hour and a half of their PRECIOUS TIME on Valentine's Day watching a movie about HATE that encouraged them to go home and tie up, abuse and humiliate their partner and make HATE to them.

How fucking dumb are we to enrich these Zionist psychos at the box office and allow them to program us with perverse, demoralizing, mind-twisting propaganda that promotes sadism, masochism, bondage and discipline? These psychos own the multi-billion dollar porn industry and now they're making porn and sado-masochism appetizing and mainstream.


Because a lot of women and men have been sexually abused, humiliated and/or beaten as children by one or both parents or a relative, neighbour or the church. They have grown up believing they deserve to be abused and punished and that abuse is love.

The main sadist character in the movie had a mother who was a drug addict and prostitute. She died when he was 4 years old. A woman friend of his adoptive mother sexually dominated and sadistically tortured and abused him as a child.

Children who are sexually traumatized and domineered often grow up ANGRY. As adults, they find partners to express their anger towards or they turn their anger inwards on themselves and find partners who will abuse them. They adopt the twisted belief that being controlled, beaten, restrained, degraded and humiliated is a punishment they deserve. The pleasure they receive from being abused (punished) is relief from guilt. Some women have such low self esteem, they are willing to do anything their partner asks to keep their partner from leaving them.

GET HELP!!!! LEARN HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF!!!!! Learn to feel worthy of a kind and caring partner who touches you with tenderness and treats you with the respect and loving words you deserve. Then learn how to make love, not hate.

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