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Mating Season

March, 2015


It's almost spring when pollen and sperm prowl for a target and horny teenagers, birds, bees, trees, flowers and animals are doing "it" everywhere.

Ever wondered if your horniness varies with the seasons? Are you more inclined to mate in the spring?

Other species have "mating seasons." What about the human animal? Well, human females are free to mate all year round but are there seasonal preferences?

Babies are conceived more often in December leading to a rash of fall birthdays. There's also an increase in abortion in the winter months. If you check out condom sales, there's a bimodal peak in the winter and summer and a similar pattern in STD diagnoses (whoops). So if you take all those stats together, there are two human "mating seasons". Winter and summer. Why?

Is sperm more resilient during summer from all the delicious food guys eat and the holiday mood? We KNOW when human sex is happening because of the condom sales and babies and STDs. There's also a big spike in weddings and honeymooning in the summer but is there really a human mating season?


Take a look at the number of times people search for sex or mating online through porn, prostitution, and dating websites. There's sex-seeking and mate-seeking. Porn and prostitution versus dating. Are these net surfers really mate seeking or just horny?

The Google 'relative search value' index for porn from 2006 to 2011 and people are (slightly) more likely to go on a porn hunt in summer and winter. Taken together with prostitution and dating site visits, there's a six-month cycle, and the "vacation and holiday effect" is in force.

Google trends data doesn't include the gender of the searcher, so we can't tell who's driving the searching data. And while it provides a search value index, it doesn't provide the actual number of searches, which would be a bit better for the data.


The human mating seasons are summer and winter and it's all about "the holiday effect". Summer and winter contain holidays. Vacations. Free time. time in which you're not swamped with work. Christmas, beach vacations, New Years, international travel. Time to enjoy your significant other or mess around.

So if you find yourself searching for "xxx," or hovering over an online dating profile, stop and think. Is it summer or winter or the holiday effect?

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