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Netanyahu's War Path

March, 2015


Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is campaigning for re-election and he's on the warpath! Like a rabid pitbull, he can't wait to sink his teeth into Iran's jugular.

We all know that this criminally insane Zionist baby-killer intends to shred any and every peace agreement with Iran just as he has done with the bombed and persecuted Palestinians.



Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech to a joint session of the United States Congress warned that a “bad deal” was in the works with the Ayatollah’s regime in Iran, one which will likely result in Tehran developing nuclear weapons.

Iran’s state-run PressTv reported that “Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham called the speech "a deceitful show" and called Israel's government a "child-killing regime.”

Afkham said Netanyahu's policy is an 'Iranophobic policy' with serious problems because Israel is the founder and planner of the "FAKE CRISIS" that has been driven by propaganda.

Additionally, after Natanyapoo's WAR MONGERING speech, Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted“ that U.S. officials are obliged to show consideration for #Israel & cover up its #crimes. Zionists corporations, money & power have troubled them.”


March 20th, the spring equinox, is also a total solar eclipse, a.k.a. the BLACK SUN.

March is the month that the "powers that be" named after the goddess of war... so the ducks are in order for an escalating world war to break out in Iran, North Korea or Ukraine on 3/20/15. A numerology study of planned false flag events like 9/11 reveals that the number 11 plays a significant role in the timing and scheduling of these planned events. 3/20/15 = 11




The picture above is one of three prophetic murals featured in the lobby of America's largest bank headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It expresses a New World Order agenda that is “hidden in plain sight” and is understood by only a few.

This mural is the first mural and shows the classic Masonic checkered floor as part of the landscape that the ruling families now control.

Among the group of people at the bottom-left is America's colonial forefather arguing with modern day “suits”. This symbolizes Tea Party constitutionalists protesting the fascist “New World Order” police state that is unfolding. They are pointing at the central figure - the Masonic-Aryan boy wearing a Nazi overcoat and clicking his heels together with his feet at a 90 degree right angle as a stance in Masonic rituals. Notice the use of subliminals. When the boy's right arm is removed, it is easy to see that the artist intentionally drew the bush as the boy's right arm and drew the fire as the boy's right hand. The boy is making a nazi, right-arm salute!!!

See the Biblical "burning bush" blowing West? It symbolizes the burning of America which is currently being dismantled morally, economically and politically.

The white man beside the burning bush is wearing a red sweater and blue jeans (red, white and blue). He is totally distracted while the bush is burning. He symbolizes the American citizen distracted, unaware and oblivious to his dying empire.

See the controlled female puppet on strings? This suggests that the next puppet President will be a woman (Hillary Clinton, no doubt).

All three Bank Of America murals are arranged in order of the timing of world events. To understand these murals and symbolism and who the boy is, watch Ring Of Power II: The Zion King

The phenomenon of the black sun eclipse in mythology is connected with the end of the world and/or a drastic change approaching. In the Book Of Revelation, an eclipse of 3 days will preceed the end of the world. Nostradamus predicted an eclipse of 3 days introducing the end of time.

Something to think about or ignore.

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