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Does Michele Obama Look Like An Ape?

March, 2015


Does Michele Obama look like an ape? According to Rodner Figueroa, host of Univision (America's 5th largest network), yes she does look like an ape.

On his Wednesday show, Figueroa said: "Michelle Obama looks like she's part of the cast of Planet of the Apes."

So what is this headline news all about? It's part of a media-planned provocation for a new race war in America like we haven't seen since the "Nigger' word and the Civil Rights movement.

Does anybody really believe two cops were ambushed and shot by protesters in Ferguson where protests against trigger-happy cops killing blacks have been peaceful?



Hollywood has been producing provocative movie after award winning movie reminding blacks about whites abusing and persecuting them for centuries. "Selma", "The Help", "Django Unchained", "12 Years A Slave are but a few exampes.

The real objective of these big budget, award winning blockbusters and newly provoked race riots is to create an excuse for introducing martial law, gun control and population control.

Blacks aren't the only target of provoked race wars.

Notice all the news headlines about antisemitism and swatika's painted on Jewish Temples and cars with "Hamas" painted on them as well. This is a staged racist provocation for Jewish-Muslim hatred.

Notice all the Hollywood Nazi-themed movies that continually remind Jews that they are the persecuted victims of Germans and non-Jews.

Movies and news are always about good guys-versus-villain themes for the simple-minded viewer.


Divide-and-conquer politics is planned and organized by the media monopolies as a strategy to usher in their world domination New World Order.

Remember the movies about white cowboys mowing down "scalping" red skinned indians to justify the slaughter of millions of native americans, the theft of their land and the coraling of their survivors on reservations (concentration camps) with a liquor store nearby?

Remember the slant-eyed Jap movies that demonized Japanese people to justify America's testing two atomic bombs on two large Japanese cities and annihlating-radiating hundreds of thousands of civilian families?

The "evilocracy" have targeted red skinned, yellow skinned and black skinned people over the centuries - shooting, bombing, enslaving. Now it's the brown skinned Muslims they are demonizing with their media propaganda about beheadings to justify bombing and starving the Muslim nations that surround Israel (Palestine).

Why have oil prices dropped to $45 a barrel? To starve the Muslim oil producing nations who depend on oil sales to support their people and economies. It's a manipulated oil war through price manipulation.

The news is staged. It delivers divide-and-conquer racist messages to the uninformed. Most viewers want to believe their war mongering government is protecting them. Keep telling yourself, "We must make war to make peace." "We must give up our freedom to protect our freedom."

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