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Self driving cars are dangerous!


April, 2015

Self driving cars are dangerous...and not for the reasons you think. Read on.

Developers of self-driving vehicles are pitching a song and dance about their benefits. Driverless cars, they say, are immune from road rage, tiredness and carelessness and are safer than human operators....BUT...there are dual-use applications that can turn a driverless car into a lethal weapon.

How? By overriding safety features and ignoring traffic lights, speed limits and turning programmed explosive-packed cars into self-driving bombs.



What is a self driving car? It's REALLY an artifiically intelligent robot. Like robots, they use lidar (laser ranging), radar, video cameras and GPS technology to build up a digital 3D map of their surroundings, including buildings, roads, pedestrians and other vehicles. The cars can then be programmed to navigate safely to a destination while avoiding obstacles and obeying the rules of the road.

Let's stop and think about the impact of autonomous vehicles because they are not science fiction anymore. Google’s self-driving car has already clocked over 300,000 miles across California and Nevada without an accident and Delphi, a major parts supplier, is about to self-drive a car across the country. Car manufacturers around the world, including Ford, Toyota, BMW and many others, are involved in the cars’ development.

The dawn of self-driving vehicles will likely lead to the cemetery for the modern police force as rule-abiding cars eliminate the need for traffic enforcement and ticketing income. Autonomous cars means the end of the traffic ticket. Auto insurers and auto repair shops are next in line for the guillotine. Driverless cars means disappearing jobs.


If we now have the technology to build pilotless planes and driverless cars, we can assume that the more advanced alien civilizations capable of showing up here also have pilotless technology. Chances are, all of the alien craft sightings that are being reported by the hundreds of thousands, are pilotless crafts.


Think about the impact of autonomous vehicles, boats and planes and what it will mean to our autonomy. We will be giving up the steering wheel, giving up our drivers seat. It means we will be monitored wherever we go. It means we will lose our ability to decide where we go.

Imagine owning a self driving car. You climb into the back seat and give your robot vehicle an instruction to take you to your destination by keying/touching your destination on your cars computer map or through voice recognition.

Since the technology is run by lidar (laser ranging), radar, video cameras and GPS technology, BIG BROTHER can override your destination instructions and redirect you to any location of their choosing.

With each new technological blow to our autonomy, we become more and more powerless and dispensible as a species.

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