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John Kerry's Bike Accident Lie


June 2015

The Iranian media erupted on Wednesday with a report that US Secretary of State John Kerry was not injured earlier this week in a simple fall from his bicycle in Switzerland, but rather he was the target of an assassination attempt while meeting with Islamic State leaders.

This latest Iranian report, first published by the Nasim news agency and subsequently picked up by dozens of Iranian news sites, based its information on "an American news website" which cites a Russian foreign intelligence service report as the source of the information.

According to the report in Nasim, Kerry secretly met with one of the leaders of Islamic State on Sunday. The meeting eventually led to an armed clash and an attempt to assassinate the US Secretary of Hate.

Kerry's meeting, in which the alleged assassination attempt took place, was with Gulmurod Khalimov, a senior Tajik police commander, trained in the United States, who announced his defection to Islamic State in a video released last week, the report states.

Having received training from the US State Department previously, Khalimov was well aware of State Department security procedures and he used the knowledge to get another member of his entourage into the secret meeting with Kerry, with the intention of assassinating him, the report claims.

The report cited communications intercepted by Russian intelligence from France, the US and Switzerland as confirming that two other people were shot in the incident, one of them fatally.

The story of Kerry breaking his femur in a bicycle accident in Switzerland was then concoted to hide the real source of his "grave injuries," according to the report.


A massive military transport plane that usually carries 100 troops picked up US Secretary of State John Kerry to bring him home after he breaks his leg cycling.

  • Transport plane flew to Geneva Airport to pick up Kerry and flew to Boston
  • Landed in Switzerland on Monday after leaving base in Ramstein, Germany
  • Carrying 'additional military medical personnel in keeping with standards' 
  • Kerry arrived on East Coast to undergo treatment for leg at Massachusetts General Hospital  

Why would a C-17 be dispatched to pick up Kerry if he only "broke his leg"? Why is he not walking on crutches? Why is the secret service deliberately blocking the camera's view of Kerrry? Why the Traumahawk helicopter immediately upon landing? Why no interviews with Kerry? Sounds like a lot more than a broken leg.

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