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FIFA & A Wild Night With Superstar Hope Solo


June 2015

Hope Solo is a foul mouthed, violent drunk who beat up her own family. She is also the best women's soccer goalie in the world and is leading the United States into this Monday's opening-round match of the Women's FIFA World Cup.

In 2014, the U.S. soccer superstar was arrested on two counts of domestic assault. Hope Solo screamed profanities at police during her arrest and told a cop, "You're such a bitch. You're scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off I'd kick your ass."

During the 911 call from the night in question, the caller told the operator that Solo was "f**king beating people up."



This video shows Hope Solo on the hit TV show "Dancing With The Stars".

Solo was so combative during her arrest, the police had to force her to the ground. One cop asked her to remove her necklace and she told him "that the necklace was worth more than he makes in a year".

Prosecutors, in a rare move have filed an appeal after she was acquitted.

Solo's half-sister, Teresa Obert and her 17-year-old nephew were the alleged victims in the domestic violence case. Obert says, after enduring not only a beating by her sister, she watched Solo blatantly lie about it on national television and paint her son as the aggressor. Solo claims she was the victim because her nephew, who recently turned 18 is, 6-foot-8, 270 pounds, and Solo, is 5-foot-9, 150 pounds.

"It never had anything to do with size. She's a trained athlete. She's strong", said Solo's sister. "She tried to make my son feel small his whole life. He's not aggressive. "


According to police reports, sworn depositions, a transcript of a 911 call from the Oberts' home, and a series of interviews with Obert:

On June 20, the Oberts went out to dinner with other family members before arriving home around 10 p.m. Solo was parked outside their hous, alone in her car and had called Obert telling her she was upset over a fight with her husband, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens.

Obert's son told police Solo "drank a lot" that night and that he endured "a lot of verbal abuse" from Solo which escalated to violence shortly before 1 a.m. during an exchange of insults. Solo told the teenager he was too "fat, unathletic and crazy" ever to be an athlete. He told Solo she needed to "get her c--- face out of the house," and then walked away. Solo's sister also asked her to leave at that point.

Instead, Solo followed her nephew into the garage, where the teenager then yelled for his mother, prompting Solo to call him a "pussy" and a "mama's boy." He then told Solo, "You'll never know what it's like to be a mother, because even if you did have children, they would have the most unhappy childhoods because you have no compassion." Solo lunged at him to "take a swing,"andhit him in the face. She charged and struck him multiple times. Solo's sister, Obert, came into the garage and found her son subduing Solo. She told her son to let her go because she's wasted.

When Obert's son let Solo go, she "immediately grabbed his hair, pulled his head down and started punching him in the face repeatedly. She jumped on top of him, bashing his head into the cement" inside the garage over and over again. Obert pulled Solo off of her son but once Solo got up, she started punching her sister in the face."

Obert told her son to call 911. He told the dispatcher, "Hope Solo is going psychotic; she's f---king beating people up, and we need help." Solo left the garage and went into the living room area. Meanwhile, Obert's son grabbed a broken BB gun and pointed it at Solo ordering her out of the house. Solo pound on doors and screamed that she wanted her phone, wallet and keys. She circled around to the back of the house, entered the living room through another door and shoved her sister down the two steps that led from the garage back into the house.

Obert's son then grabbed a wooden broomstick and hit Solo over the head with it, breaking it in two. Solo started towards him in a threatening way and the teenager grabbed an aluminum mop. When the police arrived, they found the boy holding both halves of the wooden stick and a metal polewhich he dropped when the police ordered him to do so.

Solo was described as intoxicated with red, bloodshot eyes. Her nephew had redness around his nose and left jawbone and a "bleeding cut on the bottom of his left ear, just above the earlobe." His T-shirt was ripped and his arms were "bright red and had scratch marks."

Solo's sister had bruising on the left side of her face and a large scratch mark on the right side of her neck. Her clothing was in "disarray" and it "appeared she could not stand."

Solo was taken to the Kirkland jail for booking on two counts of domestic violence in the fourth degree. She yelled profanities inside the patrol vehicle and was taken to a jail facility, where she spent the next two-plus days. She continued with her insults and officers had to force Solo to the ground to gain her compliance.


Meanwhile, U.S. Soccer, which oversees all national teams, including the Women's World Cup squad, remained largely silent as it faced questions about whether to punish Solo. They stand by their decision to allow Solo to participate with the team as the legal process unfolds. If new information becomes available, we will carefully consider it." Blah Blah Blah.

There's one justice for male athletes and a get-out-of-jail free card for female athletes.


Newly re-elected FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigns under money laundering, bribery, fraud, racketeering allegations.

FIFA corruption: Latest allegations claim 'Morocco won the 2010 World Cup vote' rather than eventual hosts South Africa 

  • Latest corruption claims allege that Morocco won the 2010 World Cup vote 
  • Recording claims to show ex-FIFA official say Morocco won by two votes
  • Ismail Bhamjee filmed in secret as part of Sunday Times investigation
  • Recordings were handed to FIFA at the time, five years ago

It was in fact Morocco that won the right to host the 2010 World Cup rather than South Africa, according to the latest sensational corruption allegations made against FIFA.

Former FIFA executive committee member Ismail Bhamjee was allegedly recorded by an under cover reporter as part of an investigation by the Sunday Times newspaper saying that the north African country had won by two votes.

Allegations have also been made that officials were bribed by the two bidding nations, though that has been denied.

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