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Lucifer Is A "Good Guy" Living In L.A.


June 2015

Lucifer is coming to the City of Angels in 2016 via FOX. It's a new show based on the iconic Vertigo Comics series. Fox has released a trailer. Take a look…

The organization, One Million Moms, has launched a protest petition against the series and says, "it will glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh."

The Lucifer TV series is loosely based on a character from Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" comics, which also drew fire from Christian groups.


The devil has come to Los Angeles. That's the first line in Fox's demonic new prime time television series that tells the story of the original fallen angel. Bored and unhappy as the lord of hell, Lucifer Morningstar abandons his throne and retires to L.A., where he owns Lux, an upscale nightclub.

Charming, charismatic and devilishly handsome, Lucifer is enjoying his retirement, indulging in a few of his favorite things – wine, women and song – when a beautiful pop star is brutally murdered outside of Lux. For the first time in roughly 10 billion years, he feels something awaken deep within him as a result of this murder. Compassion? Sympathy? The very thought disturbs him – as well as his best friend and confidante, MAZIKEEN aka MAZE (Lesley-Ann Brandt, “The Librarians”), a fierce demon in the form of a beautiful young woman.

The murder attracts the attention of LAPD homicide detective CHLOE DANCER (Lauren German, “Chicago Fire”), who initially is dismissive of Lucifer. But she becomes intrigued by his talent for drawing out people’s secrets and his desire to dispense justice, doling out punishment to those who deserve it. As they work together to solve the pop star’s murder, Lucifer is struck by Chloe’s inherent goodness. Accustomed to dealing with the absolute worst of humanity, Lucifer is intrigued by Chloe’s apparent purity and begins to wonder if there’s hope for his own soul yet.

At the same time, God’s emissary, the angel AMENADIEL (DB Woodside, “Suits,” “24”), has been sent to Los Angeles to convince Lucifer to return to the underworld…can the Devil incarnate be tempted toward the side of Good, or will his original calling pull him back toward Evil?

Many Will Be Deceived

In Lucifer, we see Satan portrayed as a protagonist and an angel from the Lord presented as an antagonist.

According to the Bible, Satan will work through charming, charismatic false Christs and false prophets in the last days who will rise up and show great signs and wonders to deceive everyone...and people will buy and believe the lie.

Glorifying the demonic is certainly nothing new in Hollywood (read: Poltergeist, The ExorcistRosemary's BabyA Nightmare on Elm Street and The Omen, to name a few). But to see Satan portrayed as a magnetic personality on prime time TV when children are watching is NEW.

The entertainment world owned by the "evilocracy" is glorifying evil. Is this show paving the way for the Antichrist among us? Are these demonic forerunners preparing the way for Satan himself with deceiving agendas?

The antichrist agenda is becoming bolder and growing darker.

At Superbowl 2013, the evilocracy ran this ad about selling one’s soul to Satan for fame and riches, a favorite theme of the Illuminati industry. In less than 2 minutes, the ad packs some telling symbolism.

And it's not just the Satanic themed prime time TV commercials. The Olympic shows and the Superbowl half-time shows with Katy Perry, Madonna and Beyonce are loaded with Satanic symbolism and occult rituals associated with the ruling crime families who own the music and movie industry and the world of so-called entertainment. They also own the banks of the world, the porn industry, the legal and illegal drug industry, the military...and Isis. You name it. They own it. The movie stars, your favorite singers, sports teams and politicians.

How about 50 Shades Of Gray. This is not just porn turned mainstream. This is mainstream bondage and beatings porn that came to a theater near you, just in time for Valentine's Day.

The audience sat hypnotized as the virginal and innocent young woman was raped, humiliated, whipped and beaten black and blue. Oh well...what the hell.


We can stop supporting the evilocracy. We can stop putting our money in their banks, taking their drugs, watching their movies, buying their music, shopping in their mega stores, gambling in their casinos, watching their porn, voting for their politicians, supporting their sponsored wars and troops and we can stop donating to their foundations that pretend to search for a cure for cancer or save the wildlife. We can stop drinking their coca-cola and eating their toxic food that litters the shelves of their grocery chains.

If WE don't change, expect more of the same.

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