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Mastercard wants your mug shot and fingerprints


June 2015

When you're charged with a crime, they take your mug shot, fingerprint you and file you in their criminal records file.

Well, Mastercard wants your mug shot and fingerprints for their sheople files, even though you haven't committed a crime. And like the rest of the unthinking sheople, you will give them your mug shot and fingerprints voluntarily.

Why? Because you can't remember where you put your plastic credit card after you bought pizza last night and you need money fast.

Worry not! MasterCard's new technology is coming to the rescue! The only cost is your privacy...and freedom.

Forget the creepy notion of just having your fingerprints stored in a database to make your purchases. This fall, MasterCard is rolling out a new system that will allow you to make online purchases using ONLY your face. Look into your webcam or smartphone, blink your eyes, and boom! You just bought the 3rd season of How I Met Your Mother on DVD. And you did it, literally, in the blink of an eye.

Ajay Bhalla, MasterCard’s President of Enterprise Safety and Security said, “The new generation, which is into selfies … I think they’ll find it cool. They’ll embrace it.”

What???? Safety and Security? Where is the Safety and Security in handing over your mugshot and fingerprints to the files of the corporate mobsters so they can easily track, identify and arrest you on suspicion on anything? If you think they can't, read the NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act that strips you of all your basic rights.

Canada’s C-51 is a mirror of the NDAA.

Mastercard tells you that this new technology will cut down on fraud. LOL! Major fraudster corporations like Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry (all owned by the same shadow government mobsters) are reportedly already on board with PAY-BY-FACE, as are two major banks. Along with the pay-by-face option, customerscan purchase with their fingerprint.

Cyber security experts—or anyone who values their privacy—are more than apprehensive about this new technology.“I understand why they’d want that data, but no, I do not like it,” said Robert M. Lee, co-founder of consulting firm Dragos Security. “From a privacy aspect it’s awful — but from a business perspective, I don’t understand why they’d accept that risk.”

It is unlikely that even George Orwell could have envisioned such an insane proposition. As a human race, our last shred of privacy could literally be gone in the blink of an eye.

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