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Iran Nuclear Deal - Hello Armaggedon



July 2015

Despite all the theatrical protests from Israel, members of congress and the media, a nuclear deal with Iran is part and parcel of the fanatical Jewish Zionist agenda. It's a charade being played out in the media for the "dumbed down" population. The Iran nuke deal is a done deal.

The deal negotiator, John Kerry, is 100% Skull & Bones "Jewish". His Jewish German family (Fritz Kohn) changed the family name from Kohn to the good ole Irish name of Kerry to cover up John's Jewishness.



Lindsey Graham, the fanatical Christian candidate in the "already decided" race for the 2016 US Presidency, says "the Iran nuclear deal will push the region to Armageddon." Graham claims the deal will allow for increased enrichment in Iran's once-secret fortified facility.

Israel has an arsenal of nuclear weapons big enough to wipe out the entire middle east...but that's okay because Israel is a "sane" and "stable" nation even though they have violated dozens of UN sanctions and have starved, crippled, impoverished, isolated, bombed, robbed, occupied and disenfranchised the Palestinian people in a holocaust like the Nazi holocaust they themselves claim to be victims of.

The Zionist fanatics are the "hidden hand" behind most of the wars, revolutions and movements throughout history and have sponsored both sides to control the outcome. The game is divide-conquer-and-rule.


America has a record of testing and dropping two atomic bombs on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent people in two large Japanese cities. They have sprayed the Vietnam people and their land with toxic agent orange. They have dropped depleted uranium bombs on the people of Iraq and committed massive genocide globally. They have shredded the US constitution and populated the White House with Zionist sponsored mobsters in suits and ties. Where is the sanity?

What right does the US and Israel have to possess nuclear weapons based on their record of human rights violations and global and environmental destruction?

The agenda of Zionist-ruled Israel and Zionist-controlled America is to fulfill Biblical prophecy which provides a formula for global control. Christians around the globe have been taught to believe that an Armageddon nuclear war is inevitable because the Bible says so...but not to worry about it. Why? Because the Bible's fairytale ending says that Jesus (who is on stand-by) will come to the rescue, defeat Satan and make peace in the world as a Divine ruler. That's not what the Zionists have planned.

According to the Zionist-owned media monopolies and according to the Bible, Iran and Russia will play the roles of Satan-serving bad guys in the apocalyptic drama. Israel and the USA will play the God-serving good guys.

The Iran nuclear deal is part of the prophecy fulfilling drama produced and directed by the Zionist crazies. One thing is certain. They have a plan to create devastatIon and chaos and a plan to follow up with an offer we can't refuse - "ONE WORLD ORDER out of chaos".

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