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Syria Showdown: Russia versus USA


September 2015

The conflict in Syria is escalating. Increased Russian military activity in Syria is expanding the country's support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Secretary of Hate, John Kerry has expressed US concern over Russia's enhanced military build-up in Syria in a telephone call with his Russian counterpart, according to the US state department.

This will lead to confrontation with the US supported anti-ISIS (US funded) ISIS coalition operating in Syria. Typically, the Zionist terrorists support both sides of every conflict financially and militarily to fuel the War Of terror they are waging throughout the middle east. Believe what you see!

Quoting unidentified Obama administration officials, the New York Times said Russia has dispatched a military advance team to Syria and has sent (humanitarian) prefabricated housing units for hundreds of people to a Syrian airfield and delivered a portable air traffic control station there.


9/11 was an inside job designed to win support for the Zionist War Of Terror against Israel's Islamic neighbors. Since 9/11 is old news, the 9/11 inside-jobbers created ISIS, a fake army of Islamic beheaders who are funded by the CIA to keep the War Of Terror going and win public support. The goal of these unjustified invasions and occupations of Islamic nations is to depopulate, impoverish and loot Israel's enemies. All the media rationalizations in the world doesn't change the fact that Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have been bombed, depopulated and looted by western forces - complimenmts of our tax dollars. The blood of hundreds of thousands of families is on our hands and so is the homelessness of millions.


The District Of Columbia is an independent city state with its own laws and flag. It is the military arm of the TRINITY of Tyranny. London is also an independent city State. It is the financial arm of the TRINITY of Tyranny. The Vatican is the third independent city state in theTrinity and serves as the spiritual arm. Their ultimate goal is military, financial and spiritual control of the world population. One World Government.

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