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Donald's "Make America Rich" Plan Works!


September 2015

Donald Trump says his economic plan for America is simple and here it is - steal the oil from Iraq and Syria. Simple. Watch and Listen!

Not only have we gutted and bombed these nations into rubble, nations that have never attacked us and had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11, we have killed crippled, starved hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, destroyed their homes, livelihood and ecomony and turned millions into refugees.

Now Trump wants to steal their oil???

This is what Americans have paid for with their tax dollars and labor? This is what they want to vote for with Trump at the top of the polls??? Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Russia PAY and fight it out with Isis in Syria, then we'll send in Exxon Mobil and steal Syria's oil, says Trump. What's Donald's "deal" for getting along with Putin? Give him a share of the spoils.

Let Mexico PAY for the wall to keep out drugs and those Mexican rapists.



Donald admits he gets his foreign policy expertise from watching TV. Watch and Listen!

Bigoted, thieving, conscienceless, sexist, racist, heartless megalomaniac.

The rest of the 'bought and paid for' Democratic and Republican candidates for President are fanatical, war mongering, lying puppets of corrupt religious and corporate special interest groups.

Basically, there's nobody to vote for...SO DON'T VOTE. Don't participtae in a corrupt electoral system by voting for the lesser of two evils. There's really only one party system and your vote doesn't count anyways. The winner has already been bought and paid for. The rest is theater.

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