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Hillary Versus Ben & Donald


October 2015

Why should the rest of the world care about America's Presidential elections? Because the USA is the world's military police and they're dropping bombs and causing chaos everywhere as well as a refugee crisis throughout the middle east and Europe.

Strangely, none of the candidates for President are talking about why the USA is involved in all these wars with nations that have never threatened or attacked them.

We know It's not about spreading democracy. Just look at the death toll, the ravaged cities, the homeless, the billions in cost and the chaos and suffering these wars have caused. The USA has terrorized the people of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.


Presidential candidate Ben Carson has recently topped the Iowa polls over Donald Trump by a large margin.

BEN CARSON BELIEVES... that if a 15 year old girl is brutally beaten and raped by a gang of thugs and gets pregnant by one of them - she must not terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Ben Carson believes all women who are raped by violent men should not terminate their unwanted pregnancy. He calls the women who terminate these violent unwanted pregnancies - murderers and "heathens"!


BEN CARSON BELIEVES...that vaccinating children should be mandatory. He sides with the drug pushing pharmaceutical giants and denies all of the testimony and evidence that vaccines are responsible for the child autism epidemic.

Aluminum adjuvant's are used in vaccines as well as thimerosal which is a mercury-containing organic compound and dangerous "even in trace amounts".

In this youtube CNN interview, Anderson Cooper quotes from so called "expert" studies that are paid for by the same pharmaceutical giants who sell and profit from these toxic vaccines.

SEE THE LINK BELOW on the ingredients and side effects of vaccinating your infant children with chemicals that impact their developing brains.

BEN CARSON BELIEVES... everybody should own a gun and be armed. He said that if the German people all had guns during World war II, the holocaust could have been prevented.

Is Ben Carson ignorant of the fact that American banks and corporations financed Hitler and Nazi Germany? That WWII was fought to create the state of Israel and populate it with Jews from Nazi labor camps? That George W. Bush's grandfather - Prescott Bush - supported Hitler and so did Pope Ratzinger?


Voters assume that Ben Carson must be smart because he's a doctor.

Not all doctors are smart.

The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association published a study by Dr. Barbara Starfield. The most shocking revelation of the report is that medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. after heart disease and cancer.

Let me pause while you take that in.

This means that doctors and hospitals are responsible for more deaths each year than cerebrovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, accidents, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and pneumonia.


Hillary, on the other hand, is as smart as a whip...and it's very easy to tell when she's lying. She's moving her lips.

Trump has miscounted the number of sheeple willing to follow and vote for him.

What's that stain on his mattress at 0:05?

Read about the ingredients and side effects of vaccinating your children and yourself.http://www.generationrescue.org/resources/vaccination/vaccine-ingredients-and-side-effects/

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