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Paris Staged Horror


November 13, 2015

Halloween is over but not in France. On Friday the 13th (no coincidence), the "staged" horror that has hit the streets of Paris is moving us even deeper into the modern "Dark Ages."

Before the multiple terror attacks in Paris which are being blamed on Isis Muslims, fascist French President Francois Hollande compared “conspiracy theories” to Nazism. He called for government regulations to prevent the sharing or publishing of ‘dangerous thought’.

Suggesting that the Paris terror attacks were 'staged' fits into the President's "dangerous thought" category.


Specifically, the French President cited “Anti-Semitism” and anything that could inspire ‘acts of terrorism’ as "dangerous thought." In March of this year, RINF reported how this new censorship has already been implemented.

“Earlier this week, the Interior Minister of France — with no court review or adversarial process — ordered five websites to not only be blocked in France, but that anyone who visits any of the sites get redirected to a scary looking government website.

Although the four "blocked" websites were exclusively for ISIS-related activity, the French government has used vague language about what it defines as ‘extremist’ websites or where their growing censorship will stop.


The locations targeted by the Paris terror attacks were a sports stadium, a concert stage and a small restaurant. The human targets were just ordinary people. What is the motive for Muslim terrorists killing innocent ordinary people? How does it help them? It doesn't help them! It only generates anti-Muslim racist attitudes and public support for more bombings.

Why aren't the "alleged" Muslim terrorists targeting Zionists, the IMF, the World Bank, Israeli planes, the leaders of Western nations that have bombed Muslim nations into the stone age?

The only REAL beneficiaries of the Paris attacks on innocent ordinary people in public places are western governments. France and western governments fear losing control over their manipulative narratives and they are making an aggressive move on free speech now. They spend millions in state funds to infiltrate, disrupt, and occupy forum websites, and social networking groups of so-called ‘conspiracists' and even create entirely new sites and groups just to contradict them.

The staged multiple terror attacks in Paris used the old 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' formula.

Create a Problem? A tsunami of refugees. Terror attacks in populated public places.

Reaction? Public fear over mass shootings in public places

Solution: Censorship, blocking free speech and martial law

France wants to take "censorship", "surveillance" and "martial law" to a whole new authoritarian level. The "STAGED" multiple french terror attacks could make it a "done deal."

Ultimately, the motive is to create a NEW WORLD ORDER out of chaos. First, they must create the chaos - namely more staged terror attacks, porous borders, a tsunami of desperate refugees, racist-religious conflicts, revolutions, propaganda, fear and war.

The power elite believe that once the public is exhausted enough by the "manufactured" global chaos, the public will accept the planned terms for a world government which includes disarming and microchipping the population.


French lawmakers have called upon the government to recognise a Palestinian state. The move comes weeks after Sweden became the first major European country to take a similar step in the hope that it will speed up the peace process with Israel.

The National Assembly in Paris approved with 339 votes to 151 a non-binding text urging the government "to recognise the state of Palestine in view of reaching a definitive settlement to the conflict."

The motion was proposed by the Socialist Party of President Francois Hollande, who had previously voiced his support for the international recognition of a Palestinian state. The diplomatically hot potato has now been passed to the government, which is the body entitled with the power of recognising foreign states and has the final say.

In November, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned French MPs they were about to make "a grave mistake". One of the multiple Paris terror attacks occured at the sports stadium soccer game between France and Germany attended by the French President who supports a Palestinian state.


Can you blame the Muslim people who grow up watching Israeli-manufactured US drones flying overhead and dropping bombs on their homes and families and cities and hospitals? Can you blame the Muslim people when their oil and resources have been stolen from them, their leaders assassinated, their religion and culture attacked by western nations?


In good conscience, can you pledge allegiance to the flag knowing your country participated in the terror, rape, killing and looting of people in nations that have never attacked us?

Can you pledge support for the men and women in uniform who kill and get killed, cripple and get crippled while following orders to bomb, occupy, impoverish and ruin other nations?

What is treason? What is patriotism? And what, is common sense? If we continue to support this homicidal madness, do you think everything will magically turn out okay? Will nuclear war turn out okay?

Barack Obama spent a year bombing Syria and claiming he was trying to obliterate a sadistic squadron of merciless mercenaries which he and his entourage of zionist billionaires hired and equipped to overthrow Syria's legitimate government just like they overthrew the governmentof Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya causing massive chaos, death and suffering.

In 1920, US President Woodrow Wilson admitted that he sold out America by supervising the passage of the Federal Reserve act, the income tax act, and the direct election of senators, which basically turned the country over to the Zionists (Rothschild, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, JP Morgan etc.).


The Paris terror attacks killed a hundred or so innocent people. The Syrian, Libya, Iraq, Gaza and Afghanistan terror attacks by Western governments killed and crippled hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The bombing raids made millions of people homeless and desperate. The lies of September 11, 2001 have been used over and over again as the excuse for terrorizing, bombing and looting oil-rich and opium-rich nations that surround Israel.

Every candidate on the new TV game show called 'Presidential Debates' label themselves patriots but every one of them is a the traitor for supporting the Zionist banksters who control the central banks, the IMF, the World Bank and the five international corporations who own everything else.

Traitors are the CNN-watching, brain-dead majority who look the other way at the carnage that they have paid for with their tax dollars while they eat propaganda and poisoned food, pop pills, cheer for their "fixed" sports teams and vote for consciencless clowns like Trump who keep the lies alive.


How ironic. As early as the 15th century AD, many Parisian historians believed that the city of Paris owed its name to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

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