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December 2015

Remember Carly Fiorina? She's the female Republican candidate for President who Trump attacked with, "Would you vote for that face?"

As Hillary's rival, Carly Fiorina has crashed in the polls like a bombed Russian plane but she gives herself credit for being"the lump of coal in Hillary'sr stocking" or the flaming dog poo on her doorstep.

Carly gives Donald all the credit for handing the election over to Hillary like a Christmas gift with his latest racist redneck remarks.

Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the USA and ban Muslim Mosques. He wants to shut them down which means shutting down the enshrined constitutional right to freedom of religion and worship.


Trump says that Muslims are radicalized terrorists that want to "blow up our buildings and our cities." He claims he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Wait a minute!

1. Hasn't America been blowing up buildings including hospitals and attacking the cities of all the Muslim countries that surround Israel for the past few decades - Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Gaza?

2. Hasn't America been meg-dropping tons of bombs by the hundreds of thousands including cluster bombs, white phospherous, depleted uranium bombs and crippling and killing not a hundred or so people in a sports stadium and cafes, but hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in the countries surrounding Israel?

3. Hasn't America created a refugee crisis causing millions of homeless people and their families to flee from America's bombs?

4. Hasn't America leveled oil-rich and opium-rich countries populated by millions of people into dust and rubble, turned their biuildings in Swiss cheese, killed their leaders and destroyed their economies?

Is that not radical terrorism? None of those countries ever attacked America. The American media claimed that Saudi's were the 9/11 terrorists. Most caring, intelligent people now know that 9/11 was an inside job and that the WTC buildings came down in a "controlled demolition". The controlled demolitions of the twin towers and building 7 took months of preparation.


Trump claims that Muslims celebrated 9/11 but he REVERSED truth.

Dancing Israelis celebrated 9/11 and were arrested.

The US election campaign is a rigged charade, a media ratings game, a cheap reality show to entertain, sell advertising and make the public think the candidates are really eligible to win like horses in the Kentucky Derby.

But the winner has already been chosen. The same mobster families who "privatized" the Federal Reserve and who own the media monopolies picked their winner well in advance of the campaign.

The media tell us who's winning the debates and who's leading in the media polls. The game is to make it look like there's really an unbiased and fair race.



On the democratic side, we're told that Hillary is in first place. Hillary's make-over transformation from 'haggard, frumpy and worn-out looking' to 'friendly, wrinkle-free and 10 years younger looking' is nothing short of miraculous. Her smiley botox face can be seen on all the major networks and TV talk shows. The Benghazi Hearings were supposed to be about investigating Hillary's role in denying protection for the US diplomats who were killed but instead, the Hearings were used as a platform for Hillary to promote herself as "Presidential".

Hillary's only democratic rival is Bernie Sanders, who the media has typecast as "an old Communist Jew". Sanders is there as a don't-pick-me "prop" just like the other "what's-their-names" who are also there for the "fix".


Donald Trump, reality-star-comedian turned politician, is a "plant" and he's running a "false flag" campaign on on behalf of the Clintons. Trump is a wrecking ball aimed at the GOP base. How close is Trump to the Clinton's? The Clinton's went to his wedding. He golfs with Bill. They talk on the phone. He donates $$$$$ to their Foundation and democratic party.

Trump and the media have successfully smeared all of the leading Republican candidates including Trump's top rival - Ben Carson. Carson apparently lied about his violent past so he could tell evangelicals that God turned his life around. He lied about a scholarship offer to Westpoint and he lied about his pharmaceutical company endorsements and profits. "No energy" Jeb Bush has been KO'd by Trump and the media and so has Marco Rubio who Trump says is "weak on immigration", rarely shows up for work and misuses/mismanages his government credit cards. As for poker-faced Carly Fiorina who got fired at HP, Trump asks, "Would anyone vote for that face?" and the answer is "no".

In the final analysis, it appears that Trump is on a steady course to win the Republican nomination and Hillary is guaranteed the democratic nomination...at least that's what the "fixed" media polls are telling us.

As the staged front runner in the Presidential election campaign, Trump has predictably 'crossed the line' with his potty mouth rhetoric and thrown the election to the Clintons. It's as easy as snowballing offensive sexist, looksist, racist remarks into an avalanche designed to overwhelm the mind-controlled general public. The radical- Zionist-terrorists who own and control the media, the banks, the big corporations, the military industrial complex and America's politicians have picked Hillary for President.

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