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Zika Shrunken Head Pandemic & Rio Olympics



February 2016

Only naked jungle savages with bones in their noses can shrink heads, right? Wrong. There's a new bio-engineered virus that can do it, too.

Want your baby to grow up with a shrunken head and look like this? Watch out for the head shrinking Zika virus! Z-EEK!-A

If you're planning to go to the Rio Olympics, better get in line for the COMING SOON Bill Gates vaccine.



One way or another, the eugenicists want to scare the pants off you so you'll line up and get stabbed with their sterilize-and-depopulate vaccines.

ZIKA is an elitist acronym for the bio-engineered virus. " Zapping Inferior Klueless Arsholes".

Health bosses claim first cases of the mysterious head shrinking Zika virus have been detected in Britain.

Public Health England has confirmed at least three people have fallen ill with the zika virus that has hit up to up to 1.3 million people in Brazil. But while the symptoms are mild, experts (????) believe it can cause microcephaly or abnormally small heads in newborns.



The number of Brazilian children born with the deformity since October has reached 4,000 - in 2014 the number was just 150. Do you buy those stats???

The disease is carried by mosquitoes and so far, is only transmitted by bites from the insect. And because of the weather at this time of year, it is unlikely there will be a large outbreak in the UK.

Experts (???) have mapped out ways they fear the pathogen could turn into a worldwide epidemic. They say people could travel to other countries with the bug in their blood and affect mosquitoes in their home country, causing a "transmission cycle". OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Transmission cycle!

Medical journal The Lancet has published a report called 'Anticipating the international spread of Zika virus from Brazil'. It says: "Travellers have now introduced Zika virus into at least 13 additional countries, where susceptible Aedes mosquitoes have become infected and perpetuated local transmission cycles."

"In Brazil, we identified airports within 50 km of areas conducive to year-round zika virus transmission. "We mapped the final destinations of international travellers departing from these airports from September, 2014, to August, 2015, using worldwide flight itinerary data from the International Air Transport Association."

The report adds: "Zika virus has the potential to rapidly spread across Latin America and the Caribbean."


There is no vaccine or antiviral therapy available for zika....YET.

"The summer Olympic Games in Brazil in August, 2016, heighten the need for awareness of this emerging virus," the report concludes. Uh huh.

Women in some of the affected countries have been warned not to get pregnant for at least TWO YEARS. What????

“The greatest thing is that I will not be a pregnant woman at the Olympics,” said Ms. Montaño, who is hoping to compete in Rio. “Having my daughter there is really, really important to me, but I’ll need to consider if she’ll be a spectator at home or at the Games themselves.”

The Aedes species of mosquito that spreads the virushas travelled to countries across Africa, Southeast Asia and the Americas, say the reports.

Scientists (???) reveal the real health risks of a fly landing on your food.... blah, blah blah.

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