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Jeb Bush Wears Mark Of The Beast On His Forehead


February 2016

Have you seen all the mainstream news clips of Jeb Bush and CNN reporters wearing the mark of a black cross on their foreheads? It happened on Ash (Ass) Wednesday, February 10th.This annual ritual is when "the faithful" Catholics are marked.

The official story for this ritual is an engaging collection of lies that hide the symbolic meaning...but when you interpret the symbols and the schedule, it points to a ritual preparation for the mark of the Beast.

Most people assume the black cross ritual is innocent because it's literally in-your-face and worn openly by public figures - WRONG!



The upside down cross called the 'Southern Cross' symbolizes mockery and rejection of the Cross of Jesus Christ...but what does the mark of a black cross on one's forehead symbolize?

The black cross mark applied on Ash Wednesday is put on the forehead, which is identified in Revelation 13:16 as the place where the mark will be given. "And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead."

The ritual marking is fixed on the calendar to 46 days before Easter Sunday to signify the number of chromosomes in our bodies. The DNA transformation implicit in the mark of the Beast will begin with the 46 chromosome body and end in something akin to an "Easter Sunday" resurrection! This liturgical calendar is entirely pagan, Easter being only Christian in its veneer, like Christmas. This "Resurrection Sunday" ritual is done in ignorance.


The mark made with the ash is a cross and the sign of the cross predates the Christian era. The cross symbolizes the union of the sons of god (Nephilim) with the daughters of men. The vertical is the symbol of the male and heavenly, and the horizontal, of the female and earthly. The intersection is their union, which in the context of Ash Wednesday means the same as it does everywhere else. It points back in time to the union of the Serpent and Eve and to the procreative activity described in Genesis 6. The cross also points towards the future, to the hybrid nature of the coming god-man Beast and mark of the Beast.


The cross made with ash is the same symbol that appears on what's called the host. The host is the round wafer that's called the sacramental bread and also Eucharist. This idol and counterfeit bread from heaven is a solar disk or sun wheel that represents the antichrist Beast on a few levels. When the Romish (Roman Catholic) church uses the cross symbol, it is often done in conjunction with the sun symbol that identifies the cross with the Sun god. The mark made with the ash signals the sign of the Sun god.

When the same cross that marks the host is put on the forehead, it identifies the recipient with the host. Because the host represents the Sun god or Beast, Ash Wednesday's ritual giving of the mark of the host signals the mark of the Beast.

The Sun god worship is why worship is focused on Sun-day. The host they use in their rituals symbolizes the Beast. Ignore the official story and read the symbols for yourself. The money laundering Vatican and the lying, sexually perverse priesthood who occupy the office of the false prophet speaks volumes.


Ash Wednesday's cross on the forehead invites the presence of the host Sun god. When Catholics enter the place where the host is present they honor it by kneeling and crossing themselves. The sign of the cross is first a vertical motion which is then crossed with a horizontal. Sons of god (vertical) with the daughters of men (horizontal). No matter what the cover story happens to be, this is what people are really signing.

To make the sign, they first reference the forehead (or third eye), which is where Ash Wednesday's mark is put (Revelation 13:16). While gesturing, a three part phrase is usually uttered. The gesture is made by many with a hand forming a three finger group signalingthe triple helix DNA mark of the Beast.

Catholics know where to direct their honor because there's a light (often red) called the sanctuary lamp near to the consecrated host that calls attention to it and signifies the Sun god's presence. The light is also called the eternal flame, just like the cauldron-torch light of Zeus used in the Olympics. Same name, same symbolic light, same god, aka Lucifer or Satan.

The marking of a black cross with ash on Ash Wednesday is usually done in the context of a Mass, also called the sacrament of the Eucharist, which refers to the Sun god-body host and blood-soul wine and ceremonial service related to the same. What this conveys is that the Mass is all about worshiping the Beast and receiving the mark.

The focus is upon the bread and wine, its transformation and distribution with an engaged priesthood and worshippers. When a Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal or anyone else participates in a cannibalistic ceremonial ritual by eating bread (flesh) and wine (blood), what are they really doing?

If, in the community of active believers, there's some form of formally authorized and officiating priesthood, an altar, some version of a cross, and a high place devoted to the gatherings, what is present are the most essential hallmarks of Babylonian tradition. You have been tricked en masse into participating in satanic rituals.

Catholic Church rituals are familiar to pagan witches and Satanic priests because they invoke a demonic spirit. The Catholic consecration of the Eucharist and Evocation is the invitation of a demonic presence. The ceremonial distribution and subsequent consumption of the bread and wine invites demonic possession.

The distribution and eating of the “blessed (cursed) sacrament” in unholy communion engages the individual participants in a viable sex magick. The reproductive element implicit in the genetic Beast transformation is modeled and there are supernatural forces at work in the spirit of antichrist. Evocation and invocation.

The meaning of Ash (Ass) Wednesday is like the more general Mass with layers of Beast and mark of the Beast symbolism.

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