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Understanding Terror


March 2016

Last time it was France. This time it's Belgium.

Understanding terror begins with understanding 9/11 as an inside job with the complicity of the US government. There's a plethora of overwhelming evidence about advance knowledge of 9/11, the controlled demolition of the WTC twin towers and building 7( the elephant in the room), the profiteering and the cover-up.

9/11 was staged to justify the profitable, ongoing war of terror and taxpayer support for the invasion, genocide, occupation and looting of opium rich Afghanistan and oil rich, Iraq and Libya as well as Syria and Palestine.



Take a minute and look back through history at what our ruling crime families (British royals) did to the North American Indians, slaughtering them by the millions, stealing their land, corraling them on reservations with liquor stores right next door.

See how the "controlled" media demonized them as "red skin savages" and spread racist hatred propaganda.

Think about the Blacks. Who are the most famous KKK members? Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding and Harry S. Truman top the list. Over a million black slaves owned by white Jewish landowners died on route to America.

The "controlled" media demonized the blacks and spread racist hatred propaganda calling them sub human, stupid niggers and monkeys.

Think about the Vietnamese and what our rulers did to them - spraying agent orange chemical weapons of mass destruction over their land and slicing up their nation like two pieces of pie just like they did with Korea.

See how the "controlled" media demonized the Vietnamese and Koreans spreading racist hatred propaganda and calling them Gooks.

Think about the Japanese and the two large cities filled with civilian families who were melted into the sidewalk by two American atomic bomb weapons of mass destruction.

See how the "controlled" media demonized them and spread racist hatred propaganda, calling them slant-eyes Japs.

Think about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. None of these nations attacked the USA or any European nation but their countries were attacked, occupied, looted and bombed into Swiss cheese resulting in the deaths of millions and the homelessness of millions more innocent civilians.

See how the "controlled" media has demonized Muslims and spread racist hatred propaganda calling them Islamic terrorists and beheaders.

Muslims are the most recent target of the ruling crime families and their media monopolies on their march towards world domination.

Ask yourself - who are the real terrorists???


Paris. Brussels. Who's next? Big American cities no doubt. Our shadow government of rling crime families who brainstorm, sponsor and coordinate these so called terrorist attacks may decide to use chemical or nuclear weapons next time. The attacks are all about scaring the anger and racism out of the gullible public so they will support more war, more bombings and give up their human rights. "We must make war to make peace" and "we must give up our freedom to win our freedom" are the mantras they have taught us.

These "staged" terror attacks are designed to convince people to allow the government to invade their privacy in search of the elusive "sponsored terrorists".


Think about cell phone technology and where its going. The batteries are no longer removable, meaning your location can always be traced. Cell phones are evolving into both a credit and debit card. How convenient.

All you have to do to get a latte at Starbucks is swipe your phone. No more useless paper money or bank machines or banks in the future because everything, including money, will be digitized. There will be nothing in your virtual bank account except digits and guess what? They can be frozen or deleted depending on how cooperative you are when the New World Order kicks in.


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