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Bernie Sanders will be the next US President


March 2016

An innocent little bird dropped down from the heavens and landed on Bernie Sanders podium during a speech at Safeco Field in front of news cameras and tens of thousands of voters.

Some may think that it's a Divine sign, that Bernie has been endorsed by the universe. Little birds don't lie or have motives like politicians and human endorsers.

Well, If you are aware of how elections are fixed, that the news is staged and that Presidents are pre-chosen by the ruling elite (evilocracy), then the little bird event may also have been staged. How???

Watch the video. The bird starts pecking on the podium at first as though expecting seeds or crumbs.


If you've ever sat at an outdoor cafe, you have no doubt seen how friendly the sparrows are. They will land on the back of a chair or on your table if you feed them crumbs. There is reason to believe that the Bernie Sanders "sparrow" expected seeds on the podium because the people who staged the "divine spectacle" had been placing seeds on the podium several days in advance of Bernie's speech and always at the same time. The famous sparrow flew in for seeds right on schedule and took off when he wasn't fed.


Bernie's popularity is soaring! He just finished a big sweep in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington beating Hillary by as much as an 80% landslide. Why? Because his message is about peace, free education, health care for all, human rights, pro-choice, infrastructure jobs and empowering the 99%. The bankster owned media monopolies portray Bernie as running a clean, respectul and honest campaign. He's non-racist, non-sexist and a uniter not a divider.

How will Bernie accomplish his message of peace, prosperity and equality for all? He says he'll use his executive power of the Presidency to enact his "people friendly" programs and he will find money amongst the trillions that are spent bombing the middle east.

Bernie is a Jew and he has Jewish support. He has the growing support of blacks, latinos, women...and a little sparrow maybe. Hillary, on the other hand, has been exposed by the media monopolies for her email scandals, Benghazi incompetence and she is still under FBI investigation. Her likeabiliy among voters stinks. By contrast, Bernie is a grandpa with a friendly, honest and likeable Einsteinish image.


Bernie's popularity will continue to soar during the next primaries. When he becomes the chosen Democratic nominee, he will win handily against the war-mongering Republican misfits.

The theatrical drama we see on TV is staged to sell advertising and convince the public that there is a horse race and that their vote counts, but Presidents are hand-picked and groomed for the job by the power elite mobsters.

When Bernie, the chosen one, becomes President, can he be trusted to deliver on his promises? About as much as George H W Bush when he famously said, "Read my lips. No new taxes."

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