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Trump's Wall


May 2016

Question #1 For Wall Dummies

Is Trump going to deport 11 million illegals before he builds his wall or afterwards?

Deporting them before would be stupid because there would be no wall to stop them from returning. Logically he would have to deport them AFTER the wall is built which would be way beyond his term of office because of the years it takes to build it.

The wall is an appealing idea to Pink Floyd and to no-minds who support ridiculous steps to deal with the illegal immigration problem, until they realize it's an ill conceived con job.

Question #2 For Wall Dummies

How do the majority of illegal aliens arrive in the United States? Through airports with tourist or student visas. So building a wall may stop less than a quarter of illegal aliens. That simply means that the wall would be a total waste of taxpayer money. Nearly 80% of illegal aliens would still find a way to enter the US through various means like...

Question #3 For Wall Dummies

What about the US-Canada border? Canada has 5,525 miles of border with the USA. Should Trump build a 5525 miles wall there too, and make canada pay for it?

Many Mexicans are now flying into Canada because Canada gives them tourist visas much easier than the US. They cross into the USA from the Canadian side. Easy as pie!

Question #4 For Wall Dummies

Doesn't anyone remember what happened when Bush tried to build a simple border fence with Mexico? They started out planning to build 2000 miles of fence and gave up after 600 miles. What's funny is they only managed to fence off the most easily accessible areas where construction was easy. Yup these republicans have been trying to sell this wall idea for a long time. Bush spent over 300 million on just 600 mile of his 2000 mile fence without securing the remote areas or areas with difficult terrain.

Question #5 For Wall Dummies

What is the cost? Bush's 600 mile fence wasn't cheap. It ran 2000 percent over budget and cost a staggering 1.6 billion. Trump isn't talking about building a cheap Fence. Trump wants to build a 20 foot tall 1 foot thick reinforced concrete prison wall that's 2000 miles long. It underlines four states from California to Texas. The Berlin Wall spanned just 96 miles comparatively.

Half a dozen engineering firms have already published plans and the projected cost of Trump's wall to be close to 1 trillion dollars and those are published plans for lighter versions of Trumps wall.The numbers are staggering even for the least expensive versions. It would also require many more patrol agents than are currently patrolling the border. You don't need to be an accountant to imagine that cost. Astronomical.

The least expensive wall would use 5 times the concrete used in the Hoover Dam. Thats more concrete than the mass of all the great pyramids combined. It would use enough concrete to pave a two lane highway around the earth and it would require enough steel to build 5 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

What's funny is the Germans are laughing at the USA as they prepare to vote into office the Leader of the Fourth Reich. History does repeat itself.

Question #6 For Wall Dummies

Who's going to clean America's toilets and do the worst work, for the lowest wages, lower than US citizens? Illegal Mexicans are paying sales tax. They can only visit emergency rooms and cannot receive regular treatment from a doctor. They can't receive any government funds.

Question #7 For Wall Dummies

How does heroin and illegal drugs get into the USA? Educate yourself. Afghanistan is as rich in opium (heroin) as Iraq and Lebanon are rich in oil. Wall street and the ruling family mobsters are the godfathers of the opium trade. Heroin has been smuggled into the USA on the dead bodies of American soldiers. The drug trade will continue under the wall (tunnels), over the wall (consumer & commercial drones), beside the wall (boats, divers), beyond the wall (Canadian border). A shoulder-fired missile will blow a hole right through the Trump wall.

Question #8 For Dummies

Are you going to vote for a clown whose only knowledge of foreign affairs are foreign "affairs". Trump claims he got to know Russia through his beauty pageants.

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