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Orlando Massacre Cover-up


June 2016

Today, we learn that the police have released transcripts WITH REDACTIONS of the shooters three conversations that took place with Orlando police negotiators during the bloody rampage that left 49 people dead. REDACTIONS?

What could possibly be in those "omissions" that police don't want us to know about???

We know that Omar Mateen, the Orlando gunman, told his victims the attack was "revenge for the American bombing of Afghanistan" (his homeland).

The bombings, killings, crippling and looting of the Afghan people by the American military has been going on for decades. Afghanistan is rich in opium. It is the supply source for the heroin trade that Wall street profits from.

Omar also said he would allow black Americans to be released because "they have suffered enough."The gunman's words were recounted by Patience Carter, 20, in an emotional press conference from her hospital bed on Tuesday. Miss Carter, from Philadelphia, was in the Pulse nightclub while visiting the city on holiday with her friends. Patience Carter also told media that she saw Mateen “communicating with other people who were involved” on his phone, not just police. “I honestly feel like he wasn’t able to pull that off all by himself,” she added.

The police "breaking news" story about releasing redacted transcripts also reported that all videos of the attack will not be released for public scrutiny. They have been censored. Since the "patsy" gunman is dead, his words have been redacted and there is no video proof of what happened for the public to appraise, we must depend on the OFFICIAL report.

There is also the question of eyewitness report that police officers shot victims and allowed the massacre to happen.

At least one witness told the media that he was shot at by police. Norman Casiano, who survived the attack by hiding in the bathroom and pretending to be dead, told ABC News that he stayed still and silent until he heard a gunfight that appeared to end when Mateen was killed. When he began to walk out of the bathroom, police shot at him. “I started screaming and yelling, ‘I’m a victim. I’m a victim,’” he said, which stopped the attack.


The whole police operation to kill Mateen and rescue those inside took an estimated three hours. The Daily Mail notes that the extended time frame in which police operated led many to criticize the operation. Some survivors believe that Omar did not act alone. “There’s no way” he acted alone, survivor Leydiana Puyanera told CNN. She noted that she heard Mateen yell “Allahu akbar,” the Muslim slogan widely known as a battle cry among jihadis, and had heard that there were people holding the doors of the club closed.


The big question that needs answering is this. If these so called radical Muslims and Jihadists hate Jews and they hate the American government and military for the wars and bombings that have destroyed their homes, killed and crippled their families by the hundreds of thousands, demolished their homes and looted their oil, treasures and resources - why haven't they targeted Jews? Not a single Jew has been targeted by a Muslim radical. Why haven't they targeted the US government officials, Mossad/CIA agents and the military responsible for the genocide/devastation/demolition of their countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine)?

Why are these so-called angry radical Muslims targeting innocent civilians? How does that help their cause? The result of the attacks on American civilians gives the American press ammunition to demonize them. Their attacks succeed in terrifying the American public who then support more military aggression against Muslim countries and more support the war on Muslims. Who really benefits from these attacks? The New World Order, of course. Their agenda is to radicalize and recruit Muslims, organize attacks on civilian populations, scare the hell out of the public, introduce gun laws to disarm the population and increase surveillance and violate human rights.

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