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How Bernie Sanders Will Become VP, then President

July 12, 2016


Hillary will choose Bernie as her Vice President

The most "winning" choice Hillary can make for her VP running mate is "honest" Bernie Sanders. He has the youth vote and according to the polls, he has the highest "honesty" rating and can beat Donald Trump in all of the general election popularity polls.


Why Hillary Will Win The Election

Hillary is generally believed to be the lesser of the two evils running for President and the least dangerous. With the email scandal and Benghazi swept aside and with "honest" Bernie and Bill Clinton at her side, she will win the majority votes of the US electorate.


Why Hillary Will NOT complete her term as US President

In 2015, Hillary's Presidential campaign released a health statement confirming hypothyroidism and allergies. Dr. Lisa Bardack, her physician, said she regularly takes the thyroid hormone Armour Thyroid and the anticoagulant drug Coumadin to prevent blood clots, as well as an antihistamine for allergies.

After taking a fall in her home in December 2012, she was given blood thinners for a blood clot in her head, and she is still taking them.

While her doctor says she's in excellent health and fit to serve as President, her health constantly comes under question with spasmodic coughing during speeches and fatigue that limits her schedule.

Bernie Sanders - Pope's Pick and US President by default

When Hillary becomes medically unfit for the demands of the Presidency after winning the 2016 election, her VP, Bernie Sanders will serve as US President.

The Presidential candidates and the news media have even admitted that the electoral system is rigged.

This entire US election campaign has been nothing more than manipulative theater to entertain, sell advertising and convince the gullible electorate that their votes count.




The new World Order is a communist world order and Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders will lead America in that direction as US President.

The results of the election were decided long before the election campaigning even began.

Donald Trump was never in it to win it.

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