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Hillary is dead: ABC News Verifies Report




September 2016

Remember when Hillary Clinton collapsed like the twin towers at the 9/11 memorial on 9/11?

Remember when Channel 7 ABC news reported that Hillary Clinton was actually dead? Wait, could you repeat that last thing...

ABC anchor Joe Torres made the admitted "mistake" during the 6 p.m. news broadcast on Sunday - the same day that Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis was revealed. ABC did clarify "Torres inadvertently said ‘death’ when he meant to say ‘health.’ "

Seems pretty simple right? A tiny, completely explainable mistake. Certainly not worth any extra investigation or thought. Right? Wrong! Where there is Hillary Clinton deathwatch smoke, there is Hillary Clinton deathwatch fire.

Was Hillary's collapse a controlled demolition like the twin towers?

Think about what will happen if Hillary is not ABEL (as in Cain and Abel) to continue the race either due to death or withdrawal from the race. Her running mate Kaine (as in Cain and Abel) will be the likely choice for her replacement. Along with Kaine comes the 'Mark of Cain" and every Bible believing Christian knows that means 666.

But none of this drama is either Biblical or prophetic. It's planned.

The youtuber in this insightful youtube video is predicting a third term for Obama due to dramatic and "staged" events including the death of Hillary and the possible assassination of Donald Trump...or some other manipulated event such as a power grid failure.

The evilocracy is having fun playing with conspiracy investigators and running them around in circles.


The RULER-OWNERS of the news media communicate messages through big news events that the unaware masses understand literally but to "insiders", they are understood as announcements.

The triple Crown, one of the most coveted titles in any world-wide sporting event was won on June 6, 2015.

The date of the Triple Crown win was 6/6/15 which, in numerology, is "666" (6+6+1+5)

Among the 3 events was the 141st Kentucky Derby. 1+4+1 = 6 of the triple win

The winning horse was 'American Pharoah' who was number 18 (6+6+6). Biblically, 666 is the number of the Mark Of The Beast (Mark of Cain).



The jockey who rode the winning horse, 'American Pharoah', had the letter "Z" on his helmet which is the symbol for Jewish Zionism. This win was an announcement of the crowning victory of Zionism.

In the winner's circle, the Jockey and the people celebrating the victory wore caps with the Beast logo on them (Hebrew 'vav vav vav' which is 666). The jockey wore the 666 symbol in the winners circle as well as in earlier interviews before the race.

Right after he won, the jockey sat for cameras wearing the Hebrew for 666 on his forehead. This definitely couldn't get any creepier. It's a 10 on the creepy meter!

In 2009 during a visit to Cairo, Obama stated on camera “That looks like me!” while pointing at an ancient hieroglyph of Pharaoh "Akhenaten. Countless videos and articles have been posted pointing out the physical likeness of Obama to Pharaoh "Akhenaten".

Does all of this foreshadow Pharaoh Obama as the dark horse winner of the triple crown (third term) in 2016?


Whether you are a Bible believer or not, it appears that the ruling Zionist "evilocracy", not Jesus or God, are fulfilling Biblical Revelations. The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse appear in Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation. The DARK horse (Obama) is the THIRD (i.e. triple) horse mentioned in the text. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that four horsemen will unleash a divine apocalypse upon the world.

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