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Snowden movie hides the truth


September 2016

Snowden's story plays like a Jason Bourne spy thriller...with one big difference. His story is real and it is shaping the public consciousness in a way that serves the interests of the US government. Don't buy it!

From "JFK" to "W" (Bush) to "World Trade Center" (9/11), Oliver Stone's movies continue to hide the truth and sell political propaganda to the masses.

In "JFK", he hid the most pertinent reason for the JFK assassination. He hid the fact that JFK tried to change the money system with Executive Order 1110 giving the US the ability to create its own money backed by silver.

In his 9/11 "World Trade Center" movie, Oliver Stone peddled the idea that a single plane was responsible for the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7, instead of telling the truth - that the they collapsed from controlled demolitions and that it was an inside job.


Instead of telling the truth that Snowden blew the whistle because the government wanted him to tell us we are being watched, Oliver Stone portrayed him as an ethical spy superhero.

The "Snowden" movie delivers the message that people want security, not freedom, that they don't care if they are being spied on because they have nothing to hide.

The government and Oliver Stone want you to know that IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, the NSA will know about it and if you blow the whistle, what happened to Snowden, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange can happen to you!



The Snowden spy drama is just that - a drama. It's whistleblower theater. Like the Boston Bombing drama, the Batman massacre drama and other theatrical false flag operations, the Snowden spy story is about scaring the public. It tells us that the global "all seeing eye" sees and hears all. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide - not for whistleblowers or anyone else. "Don't even think about blowing the whistle! Don't even think about a "terrorist act" like exposing government corruption because "the all seeing eye" will find you and punish you.

What lessons have we learned from Snowden, the darling of the corporate news media?

Whistleblower Julian Assange is a prisoner. He has been holed up in the UK's Ecuador embassy endlessly. Whistleblower Bradley Manning is in prison for "aiding the enemy" (exposing murderous government crimes). Edward Snowden is still living in exile in Moscow.

Ask yourself why the corporate news media has made Snowden into a "spy superhero" as well as a "traitor villain". The Snowden drama divides public opinion. Surveillance versus safety. Hero versus traitor.

Media dramas are brainstormed and financed by NWO think tanks. They have producers, directors, script writers and actors.



NSA officials continue to defend its "illegal" actions, claiming it will put the US at considerable risk if messages from terrorists and spies cannot be deciphered. But who are the terrorists and spies if not the the NSA and the UK's GCHQ - the world's biggest spies and violators of human rights?

As propaganda consumers, it's time to dump our roles as useful idiots and examine why Assange and Snowden became the darlings of the controlled corporate media. They have been sold to us as spy superheroes, martyrs and fugitives rebelling against the excesses of oppressive and dangerous government agencies.

Snowden is a chosen conduit sponsored by the same agency he pretends to be defecting from.

After seeking refuge in Hong Kong, the bespectacled whistlebower-spy didn't need a teleprompter to recite his theatrical lines that captured the imagination and sympathy of millions. The news media feasted on his every memorized word; "I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under," said our new whistleblower hero. "I will be made to suffer for my actions". Snowden added that he feared for the safety of his family. Great spy thriller material!


Born on the summer solstice (June 21, 1983) Edward Snowden's history DOES NOT match his six figure salary at age 29 and his meteoric rise to fame.

FACT: Snowden was a high school drop out. He took some computer classes at Anne Arundel Community College in 1999 and again in 2004...and dropped out again.

FACT: Snowden entered the Army Reserve in May 2004 and took a 14-week training course. The Army said, "He did not complete any training or receive any awards." Snowden dopped out of the Army Reserve.

FACT: Despite all of his dropping out, Snowden landed his first job with the NSA (National Security Agency) as a security guard and soon got a computer job with the CIA. By 2007, the CIA stationed him under diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland at the age of 24. Wow!!!

FACT: The rabbit hole runs deep. Snowden left the CIA in 2009 to work as a private contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton which is owned by the Carlyle Group.

The Carlyle Group is a shadowy, corrupt global network and one of America's largest defense contractors. Former Secretary of State Jim Baker, former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former White House budget director Dick Darman, FCC head William Kennard, former British Prime Minister John Major and former President George Herbert Walker Bush - are all on the Carlyle Group payroll. Carlyle has a mutually profitable connection with the corrupt Saudi oil dictatorship, including, until recently, the Bin Laden family.

FACT: Through his job with Carlyle (Booz Allen), Snowden was assigned to NSA offices in Japan and then sent to Hawaii where his last official job was "systems administrator" at the NSA's Threat Operations Centre.

Sooooooo, this dropout was earning $200,000 a year and living in a 1,559-square-foot luxury home on Oahu with his "model" girlfriend Lindsay Mills. Ho hum...time to dump it all for a life on the run as America's most wanted fugitive.


Snowden's crime was exposing the NSA's wiretapping and data collection crimes of collecting the records of millions of US customers of Verizon under a secret court order and pulling private data “directly from the servers" of major US service providers like Google and Facebook.

Why all the fuss? The public already knew they were being spied on over the internet. All Snowden did was repackage old wine into new bottles...so why did his dramatic cloak-and-dagger story go viral and capture global news headlines? Why has the media turned Snowden into a spy superhero?

"I've been a spy almost all of my adult life," said Snowden to the Washington Post. He told one reporter that he used a code name — "Verax," which means "truth-teller" in Latin. The Damascus Road shift from militarist to civil libertarian remains unexplained and highly suspicious. Great spy thriller material!


The public want superheroes. They want authentic challengers to oppressive governments. Like Julian Assange, the public want to see Snowden as a courageous example of martyrdom.

Snowden's superhero career was launched by the US left liberal - Glenn Greenwald, now writing for the London Guardian, which expresses the viewpoints of the left wing of the British intelligence community. The Snowden scandal is very much Made in England. During Snowden's "coming out" spy debut, CNN dedicated one third of every broadcast hour of air time to the birth, life, and miracles of Edward Snowden.

Former State Department asset Norman Solomon publicly endorsed Snowden during an interview on RT (Russia Today TV). Solomon called Snowden's NSA dished up material "reliable and authentic". Who is Norman Solomon? He is a determined enemy of 9/11 truth and a supporter of the Bush administration/neocon theory of terrorism.


Like Edward Snowden, spy superhero Julian Assange and Wikileaks made a document dump that was farmed out to the media which specializes in discrediting 9/11 critics and doubters. Who is Wikileaks?  In August 2010, Veterans Today “outed” Wikileaks as an Israeli intelligence operation.

Even before the document dumps had begun, Wikileaks had received a preemptive endorsement from the notorious totalitarian Cass Sunstein, later an official of the Obama White House, and today married to Samantha Power, the author of the military coup that overthrew Mubarak and currently Obama’s pick for US ambassador to the United Nations.

Sunstein is infamous for his thesis that government agencies should conduct covert operations using pseudo-independent agents of influence for the “cognitive infiltration of extremist groups” – meaning of those who reject the fictitious establishment view of history and reality. Sunstein’s article entitled “Brave New WikiWorld” was published in the Washington Post on February 24, 2007, and touted the capabilities of Wikileaks for the destabilization of China.

Assange’s Wikileaks documents triggered numerous destabilizations and coups d’état across the globe. Not one US, British, or Israeli covert operation or politician was seriously damaged by Wikileaks. The largest group of targets were Arab leaders slated for immediate ouster during the wave of provoked “Arab Springs” like Ben Ali of Tunisia, Qaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, Saleh of Yemen, and Assad of Syria.

Spy hero Assange had a hand in preparing one of the largest destabilization campaigns mounted by Anglo-American intelligence.

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