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Proof Trump Is Throwing The Election



October 2016

The only truth that has been spoken during the Presidential election circus is that it is rigged. The public have been railroaded into believing they must choose between two misfits.

A popular conspiracy theory is that Donald Trump is a Democratic plant whose ultimate goal is to get Hillary Clinton elected president. For many voters, this theory is starting to resonate.

Where's the proof? Trump has been doing almost everything you would do if you were trying to throw an election, from attacking a Gold Star family, attacking John McCain's war record, attacking a Mexican American federal judge as biased and Miss Universe as fat, saying he's smart for not paying taxes, announcing that he'll blow the shit out of Iranian boats that come too close to US ships and that he'll blow up and steal Iraq's oil fields...and the list goes on.

Instead of launching a serious ground game or actively raising money to wage a credible campaign for the presidency, Donald tweets tabloid trivia in the middle of the night.

Conservative Republicans have long suspected their party’s nominee is secretly in league with his friends Bill and Hill. They wonder if Bill Clinton and Trump worked out an agreement — "a backroom deal" perhaps during the course of that “casual” phone call between the two last May — designed to hand Hillary Clinton the White House while tarnishing the GOP’s brand for a generation. It’s been dismissed by many as a conspiracy theory. But as Trump continues to offend with racially charged rhetoric and his own outlandish theories, a top Democratic lawmaker is now airing it openly.

Trump may be telling the truth about one thing. CNN stands for Clinton News Network. Clearly, the media has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and demonized Trump as a lying, incompetent, immature, self centerd clown. Donald's offensive remarks and the media's increasing focus on them means that the issues of trade and the economy are being thrown under the bus.

Trump's never ending non-Presidential offensive behavior can't be written off as immaturity and stupidity. He's a plant.


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