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Election End Game


November 2016

Any awake and enlightened human being who has done their homework knows that the US election is rigged, fixed and pre-planned by the globalist oligarchs.

These election fixers have known since the get-go who will win the US Presidency on November 8.

They are using the Bible's Book of Revelation to accomplish their world government objective by fulfilling Biblical prophecies with one exception. No Savior.

If you are voting for a savior, you are a turkey voting for Christmas. Watch this 14 minute youtube that explains it all.



If Trump succeeds in winning the oval office, watch the controlled demolition of America's economy. Bringing down the debt pyramid of a nation that is carrying nearly $20 trillion in national debt isn’t rocket science. All the bankster cabal needs to do is stop manipulating the markets, stop printing new money and raise interest rates. Monetary gravity will do the rest…

Expect rioting, race and gender wars from the divisive policies and rhetoric of Trump. Expect a heavy handed police state and gun violence. Trump is big on a powerful police force, death penalties and a powerful military that uses enhanced interrogation and torture. The borders he builds will be used not just to keep undesirables out but to keep the population in. Leaving will be as difficult as getting back in.


Bring out the marshmallows and weiners (not Anthony and Huma) folks: Like a Hollywood movie, the election Producers, Directors and Writers will give you a suspenseful show on November 8. Don't forget to watch their corporate commercials!


Good luck trying to save America, restore democracy and throw the establishment vampires in prison for their endless lies, corruption, media deceptions and their incessant blood sucking.

When the second American revolution starts, the anarchy and chaos that follows is just another part of the globalist plan. Instead of us locking up the corrupt globalists, the globalist plan is to lock up the revolutionary anarchists and create a New World Order out of chaos.

Get prepared. You are not being told how nasty things will get. When the crash comes, it will catch you by surprise and the first thing you'll see is a shut down of all bank machines. The meat will go first from the grocery stores shelves followed by robberies and the presence of the military on city streets.

Watch our acclaimed documentary APOCALYPSE: ARE YOU PREPARED? HERE! It includes a survival handbook and everything you need to know in the event of massive rioting, civil unrest, anarchy and a global financial collapse. Be prepared. It can happen any time.

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