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HEXIT! Hillary's Brexit



November 2016

HEXIT like BREXIT is a victory for America's population of "deplorables" who want justice for Hillary's conscienceless crimes against humanity. She is one of Washington's many slimy swamp creatures and bottom feeders that needs to be drained and chained.

Crooked Hillary lost the election because she hexed it. She hexed it with devil worshippers. Beyonce, Jayzee, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

She hexed it when she intentionally and treasonously put classified government emails onto a private server.

She hexed it with her treasonous Clinton Foundation. As Secretary of State, Hillary sold terrorist nations large weapons deals in exchange for billions $$$$ in donations to her foundation. The weapons provided by Hillary and her State Department to Saudi Arabia and Qatar were supplied to Isis terrorist groups. Hillary's Benghazi crimes were about covering up US embassy involvment in weapons deals with the so called terrorist enemies.


Terror attacks on the streets of America are false flag operations designed to scare the public into giving up their rights to privacy, anger them into approving the use of their tax dollars for the planned, unending wars against Muslim nations.

Hillary, Obama and the Anglo-Americans are not just buying into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful, worldwide financial empire that extends from numbered Swiss bank accounts to offshore havens in Dubai, Kuwait and Hong Kong.

The US economy is a war and weapons economy. ISIS is America's manufactured excuse for war....but the US government can't arm ISIS directly. They do it clandestinely through fake Clinton Foundation donations from the countries that are then supplied with arms to arm ISIS.

Hillary has been a key player and member of the New World Order cabal that is responsible for the death, destruction, looting and homelessness of millions in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. She should be LOCKED UP along with the rest of the bankster cabal.

The game of the oligarchs is to sponsor and play both sides of wars, revolutions, movements and ELECTIONS! The Trump-Pence win is no surprise to them.

HEXIT and Hillary's defeat is worth celebrating but Donald Trump's victory will not prove to be worth celebrating when he starts fulfilling the agenda of his handlers and builds a walled police state.

Remember. The game of the oligarchs is playing both sides of wars, revolutions and ELECTIONS!


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