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Nasty Muslims Or Skull & Bones?


March 2017

Another patsy terrorist with a Muslim name - in London this time. Trump must be rubbing his hands togther and squealing "See! I told you so. Ban those MF'ing Muslims and non-whites!"

It’s not a coincidence that the military industrial complex, through their embedded sales agent at the Pentagram, is requesting additional billions to add to the USA's defense budget this year.


Like the staged 9/11 false flag operation preplanned with a 911 emergency number for the date, this new London attack is also staged on a preplanned date of 322 that even identifies the cabal behind the attack - Skull and Bones (ISIS) whose number is 322. As usual, the patsy is a “dead lone attacker,” who can't talk.

Of course, they call it A MASSIVE terror event (a fake couple of people hit by a car, a policeman stabbed, an alleged perp shot) shocked and galvanized the world on mainstream news. More than 270,000 pedestrians are killed by vehicles each year, while well over a million are injured. That means more than a thousand are killed, and perhaps three or four thousand injured, every day.

Of the thousands and thousands of vehicular casualties that happen every day all over the world, a tiny fraction just occurred near the Parliament building in London. The logical inference: Somebody spent a rather small sum of money to arrange a publicity stunt which did not even make a faint blip on the day’s (much less the year’s) accident statistics — but which reaped hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars worth of virtually free publicity for the perpetrators.

Now who would do a thing like that? As in all criminal cases, we must answer that question with another: Cui bono? Who benefits? “Radical Muslims?” (The dead perp in the photo has the typical, iconically-“Muslim” salafi beard.) But it’s hard to see how actual radical Muslims, whose goal is to push Western imperialists and colonialists out of historically Muslim lands, gain anything from such deeds. On the contrary, attacks on Western civilians provide a huge PR boost to the imperialists and colonialists, and free up huge sums of money to be spent on military action against “radical Muslims.”


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