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Trump: "Impeach me! I want out!"


May 2017

Donald Trump hates being President - almost as much as people hate him being president.

In an interview with Reuters President Trump said: “I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”


Frustrated by his inability to control the mushrooming narrative around Russia, Trump would sometimes scream at television clips about the probe into the possibility of Trump/Russia collusion, according to two of his advisors. His ego can't take the idea that anything but his own brilliance won him the election.

The president is a 70-year-old child whose TV time must be closely monitored — because any news story that upsets his ego will trigger a temper tantrum followed by irrational demands on his staff who are helpless to refuse. His staffers have to “control information that may infuriate him,” a task made difficult by the fact that he “gets bored and likes to watch TV” - six hours a day according to some reports.

He has grown increasingly angry over the Saturday Night Live portrayal of him as an idiot and Steve Bannon as the evil REAL President.

More tantrums erupted over the Judge blocking the Muslim ban and over Twitter messages pointing out that the size of his inaugural crowd did not rival that of Obama’s in 2009.


Trump has discovered that being leader of the free(?) world is a lot harder than running a fake university or playing a caricature of a rich person on TV who fires people. There's the lack of privacy and travel restrictions, although being President hasn't prevented him from visiting his own properties an average of once every 2.8 days.

“You’re really into your own little cocoon, because you have such massive protection that you really can’t go anywhere,” he said. He misses being behind the wheel. “I like to drive,” he said. “I can’t drive anymore.”

The only thing he drives now is people crazy.



Trump's temper tantrums, his firing of people like Sally Yates and James Comey who were investigating him, the mounting public, party and media criticism of him and his longing for his old life back are just some of the reasons Trump is inviting his own impeachment.

His behaviour proves that he does NOT want to be President anymore.

What makes it obvious is that Trump invited Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russia's ambassador and the Russian media into the oval office for Russian photo ops showing them laughing together. Trump banned the American press.

Russia's foreign minister joked with the American media about Trump firing FBI Director Comey that same day.


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