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Ivanka and Jared - America's Sweethearts?


June 2017

You know you're a famous couple when your name is merged with your partner's name like Brad and Angelina - Brangelina? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez - Bennifer? Bill and Hillary - Billary?

What will America call dimple-faced Jared Kushner and Barbie-doll Ivanka Trump? The Kushumps?

Does anyone know what Ivanka and Jared are famous for? They're not actors. They're not politicians. They're kind of like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Stuck up, spoiled and born into money and fame...or is it infamy?

Jared's father is an ex-con who did time for tax fraud. Ivanka's father was also found guilty of fraud and paid $25 million to victims of his Trump University scam.

The truth is - Ivanka and Jared are kleptocrats like their fathers and now that Daddy Donald is President, they can get away with murder and be pardoned for it....so who's to stop these preppy kleptocrat brats from grand theft and reaching their goal of becoming trillionaires?

Last week was "Made in America" week. The ONLY thing that Donald Trump has made in America are women...but the ones he marries are imports from Russia. Everything else made by Donald and his daughter-wife are outsourced and made everywhere else BUT America.

Is Ivanka really a defender of women's rights? Nope. Quite the opposite. Ivanka exploits women by the thousands who make clothing for her in abusive sweat shops at poverty wages in Vietnam, India and third world countries. Then, she marks up her fashions by 1000% and laughs all the way to the money-laundering bank.

Husband Jared is erecting a huge dildo at 666 Fifth Avenue. The 666 is no coincidence for this couple who have have been caught failing to report millions in income including their art collection. Neither of them have distanced themselves from their wealth- generating businesses. They have family proxies filling in for them.

Jared secured a multimillion-dollar Manhattan real estate deal with a Soviet-born oligarch and diamond mogul, Lev Leviev, whose company was cited in a major New York money laundering case now being investigated by members of Congress.

Remember! Trump's family of kleptocrats will be pardoned for any crimes they have or will ever commit by using Donald's executive pardoning privilege.



The Trumps are all about packaging and selling their fake family name (alias Drumph) and their fake family image to the American public. The public swoon over their clean-cut, dressed-to-impress image, their expensive suits, ties, dresses, jewelry, education and grooming - all paid for with dirty money.

Wholesomeness? Innocence? Friendliness? Caring? It's all part of the coached acting and packaging. America is being robbed blind by this no-class, greed-obsessed family of kleptocrats.

That's not to say Billary, Chelsea and the Clinton Foundation is any better. In fact, when you consider the body count of murdered and missing persons that surrounds them, they're far worse.

There is no two party system. It's one party and you're not invited.



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