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Stephen Paddock Didn't Do it! Here's Why.


October 2017

The Las vegas massacre was a psyop and 64 year old Stephen Paddock was a patsy.

A PSYOP is a planned Psychological Operation to influence the masses, their emotions (especially anger and fear), and ultimately, their behavior. Like many of the other mass shootings, the objective of the Vegas massacre was to win support for gun control and support for stricter surveillance such as hotel luggage searches. The main objective is population control and ushering in a New World Order without resistance.

Psyops involve detailed planning of news headline events like a domestic terror attack. It involves searching for the right patsy to blame for it and befriend him.

Stephen Paddock DID NOT RENT the large two bedroom corner suite at Mandalay Bay with a bird's eye view of the country music crowd. The suite was a "comp" - a complimentary suite during his stay. Comps are commonly given to high rollers (big gamblers). That means he did not choose it!

Stephen Paddock DID NOT NEED the reported arsenal of 23 weapons including semiautomatic rifles, scopes, trippods and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. All he needed was a couple of machine guns mounted on tripods. All he needed to do is keep firing and changing magazines.

Stephen Paddock DID NOT NEED two bedrooms to commit the massacre. One window provided a perfect vantage point for the killings.

Stephen Paddock DID NOT NEED to break two bedroom windows, stop shooting, run to the far bedroom at the opposite end of the suite and start shooting again with more weapons.



How did Stephen Paddock become a patsy? How did ten pieces of luggage get into his room? How did so many weapons show up at his house in Mesquite? Stephen Paddock was a full time gambler and rarely at his house which gave the Psyop unit plenty of time to plant the weapons in his home.

Since Stephen Paddock's two-bedroom Mandalay Bay suite was complimentary, a Psyop marksman may have befriended him, stayed in the second bedroom and posed as a country music entertainer - which explains all of the luggage in the suite. He may have been told it was music equipment.

Retired 64 year old Stephen Paddock did not have the profile of a mass murderer. He had no mental health or police record whatsoever and he recently sent his ageing mother a new walker. He planned to attend his nephew's wedding. Like most Nevadans, he purchased and owned a few guns and according to his brother, he had no political or religious affiliations. This was another Psyop that fooled the masses and Stephen Paddock is another dead victim.


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