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Motherhood is hell says "Tully" movie


April 2018

Plenty of women glorify motherhood and they think of their newborn as a bundle of joy.

"Tully" starring Charlize Theron is the first brutally honest movie portrayal of the hell women go through during pregnancy, childbirth and post partum. Women rarely speak about the hell they went through...or maybe they just choose to forget about it.

"Tully" is a reminder. It reminds women of the weight gain during pregnancy of up to 50 pounds that some women never lose afterwards. It reminds them of the nausea and vomiting, the swollen, painful, leaky breasts, swollen ankles, the pressure on the bladder that wakes you up to pee.

Then there's the clothes that don't fit, the restricted diet and the lifestyle changes - no more smoking, drinking, roller blading, etc.


When the water breaks, a tsunami of liquid gushes out from between your legs, followed by (up to) 36 hours of cramping, contractions, sweating and screaming as you try to force a skull and shoulders down your narrow vaginal canal. It's like trying to shove an elephant through your front door.

You've got to hope that your bundle of joy isn't born with autism, a heart defect or some other medical condition that leaves you with a dependent for the rest of your life.

Even though the baby's out, you still have a giant belly and you still look pregnant. You not only have to diaper the infant, you have to diaper yourself because you keep on bleeding from your vagina for many more weeks.

Statistically, husbands who cheat on their wives, do it during their wife's pregnancy when their martital sex life ends.


Forget about a good night's sleep. You must wake up over and over again during the night to feed your newborn. If you breast feed, you attach breast pumps to your nipples like a milking cow and pump your milk into plastic bags. If you don't pump, your breasts leak and the pain is excruciating. Your nipples become raw, cracked and sore.

You are dead tired after the birth and weak from all the nutrients you lost during pregnancy. Tired or not, you must deal with a pooping, screaming, drooling newborn. The average cost to raise a kid is $100,000. For starters, you must buy a mountain of diapers to change, a car seat, stroller, crib, jumper chair, clothes and toys that litter your home with constant clutter. Once the baby can crawl, it puts things in its mouth and breaks things, so you can't take your eyes off it for a minute. Forget about a trip to the corner store or anywhere else without packing up the kid and strapping it into your "baby on board" car seat. Forget about quiet time to yourself unless you have a relative or an expensive baby sitter or a nanny to help out.

Once your pregnant-looking belly and breasts shrink, you will have stretch marks, loose skin and sagging breasts to deal with. Your clothes probably won't fit you any more and your career, if you have one, is on hold. But you tell yourself, you have a cute little bundle of joy even though it is toothless, hairless, expensive, talks jibberish and poops, drools and screams. You tell yourself it will grow up and be rich and famous and all the things you couldn't be. It will support you and take care of you in your old age like an insurance policy.

After seeing the movie, "Tully", you may ask yourself how the human population grew to the staggering number of over 7.6 billion.


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