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Prince Harry & Meghan's "Arranged" Marriage


May 2018

The wedding between Prince Harry (Battenburg) and Meghan Markle raises questions about gender and racial politics. The bride is giving up her career for her husband. She is playing her last role as an actress and marrying into a filthy rich family of public welfare parasites with a long history of racism and black slave trading.

The wedding ceremony will be televised, made into a fake TV movie-of-the-week, receive acres of newspaper and glossy magazine coverage, have 600 guests, cost £32m, and 1,200 “commoners” will “join in”.

The royals know that adding a bi-racial princess to their family is a big deal for people of color. The arranged wedding is all about expanding their fan base. The hyped wedding is attracting the favor of black, brown and bi-racial worshippers by the millions!

For "thinking" people, the arranged marriage is nothing to celebrate.



Royal weddings are no more about two people being in love than a presidential election is about the voting public deciding who will be President. Like Presidential elections, British royal marriages are arranged.

When it comes to royal events, it's not individuals who count. It's the institution – the monarchy.



The royals are a class act. You are NOT a class act. You are born a SUBJECT to be GOVERNED.

The British monarchy is inherited privilege at the heart of government. It embeds patronage at the centre of power. To be an effective symbol, the monarchy must be vividly and often seen by the public. The royal WEDDING is propaganda through tasty pastry.



The purpose of this highly scripted and tightly choreographed royal wedding is:

1. Renewing the monarchy’s need for legitimacy

2. Establishing its relevance and modernizing its image.

3. Erasing the public memory of their monstrous criminal history of tortures, beheadings, racism, genocide, slave trading, wealth hoarding, child labor and paedophilia....some of which continue to this day.

4. Drawing black, brown and biracial people into their celebrity orbit and adding millions of new worshippers to their fan base.

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