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Alex Jones Gets Bum F'd


September, 2018

Alex Jones, the circus clown of the alternative news crowd got bum f'd by Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Spotify, and big tech giants who banned him from their services. Why? Because he brought his circus to Capitol Hill.

Flanked by his entourage, Jones cornered CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, jabbed a phone in his face, and harassed him for more than 10 minutes about his work, his employer, and his looks, saying he has the "eyes of a rat." The entire ordeal streamed on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter.

Twitter cited "new reports of Tweets and video posts that violate our abusive behavior policy." Ironically, it was the initial CNN story and Alex Jones' unhinged reaction —that proved his eventual undoing.

Compared to Jones' long trail of Twitter claims - like no one was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, and comparing Parkland shooting survivors to Nazis, to name a few—his rant against Darcy is tame. Insulting a person's looks doesn't compare to claiming a parent's dead kid never really existed. Jones tested the limits of what he could get away with and got castrated for it.

The New York Times says that traffic to Jones’ InfoWars webpage has been cut in half since the great de-platforming began.

The hypocritical CEO of Twitter has vowed to make Twitter a "healthy place" for its users. “We’re willing to take the hard path,” starting with saying farewell to Jones. Who's next? What about Donald Trump's tweet rants? Are they healthy? Is Trump next on the chopping block?

After being banned by YouTube and Facebook, Jones is now pleading with Donald Trump to thow him a lifeline.





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