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Letter Bombs - Whodunnit & The Motive


October 2018

The letter bombs are a fool-the-public game to create more fear and division. The people fall for it every time thanks to the fake news media. Yes. Trump is right about that. The news is fake. When he points his finger at the fake news media, he needs to point his "tiny" finger back at himself. He's part of the fake news - like draining the swamp. He bathes in it and it stinks to high heavens.

This site does not support sides whether right, left, Trump, Hillary, Republican, Democrat. These terms and political parties are a game of dividing the public to fight amongst themselves. The two party system is a joke. There's the party for the rich and the party for the even richer and they're all in bed together. Presidents are PRE-SELECTED not ELECTED. They are pre-selected by the shadow government of special interest groups - namely the ruling crime families.

The news media, politicians and entertainers are telling you to vote but - forget about voting. Your vote doesn't count. The results of elections are already known but the government wants you to believe that you have choice and influence. You don't. Voting is a waste of your time.

LETTER BOMBS FACT #1 - The letter bombs were not designed to explode. Why not? Because the people who financed this obvious false flag operation are the same people who received them.

LETTER BOMBS FACT #2 - The timing of the letter bombs (Red October) was just prior to the mid-term elections. Not a coincidence.

LETTER BOMBS FACT #3 - The letter bombs were sent to provoke a public reaction and that reaction is fear and division. Keep the public fearful and divided. Keep them arguing and spit between two fake parties.

LETTER BOMBS FACT # 4 - The dumbed down Dem supporters believe that Trump, his violent rhetoric and his neo-nazi supporters are responsible for the letter bombs. The dumbed down Republicans believe that the Dems sent the unexploded letter bombs to throw blame on Trump and the Republicans.

LETTER BOMBS FACT # 5 - The letter bombs operation is an expensive false flag trick involving careful planning and government complicity in order to succeed with the delivery service. Like other false flag operations, there is an innocent targeted patsy who they will arrest with planted evidence.



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