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The entrance to the Meditation room at U.N. headquarters in New York is 33 feet long and eighteen feet wide (6 + 6 + 6 = 18)!

The small, dimly lit, windowless room has been described by some as a 'Satanic Temple'. It is designed like a pyramid lying on its side with a mural in place of the capstone.

“The custodian of this ominous shrine is the Lucis Trust, formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Company.” (Gary J. Eddlleman, 2001 Constitution Party of Illinois).

Who funded the building of the room? Illuminati crime boss, John D. Rockefeller.

The United Nations has been working diligently for decades to usher in a one world government and one world religion as prophesied in the Judeo-Christian Bible.  Hiding behind words like sustainable development, global warming, global consciousness, and civil liberties, they are busy implementing the plans laid out in the UN Charter, the Earth Charter, and many other UN resolutions. These plans include a globalization effort that would eliminate state sovereignty, and place the world's people and resources under the direct control of the United Nations.


In the center of the room is a 4 foot high, black casket-shaped stone slab. The stone is the largest magnetite ever mined and it is extremely magnetic and possesses polarity. Magnetism is the primary means to harness aetheric energy. By meditating in a room with a giant magnet in it, the natural hyperdimensional energies from the Earth are greatly enhanced.

A single beam of light from a lens in the ceiling strikes this 13,000 pound altar (6.5 tons) which rests on a concrete pillar that goes straight down to bed-rock beneath the floor. The number 13 is the occult number associated with rebellion and witchcraft. The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor “enlightens” the world with a torch of 13,000 watts and the former World Trade Center had 13,000,000 square feet of office space! All of this is found in New York City, the financial and shipping capital of the world!

Dag Hammarskjold, former UN Secretary General, described the meditation room's center stone as “the symbol of the god of all.” The question is - what god?


The mural is divided into 72 separate sections. It depicts triangles and pyramids representing "the deity".
The mural's center sphere and outer circle roughly form the "all seeing eye" of the deity.

'Sacred geometry' is built into the mural's construction with various occult symbols including the serpent, triangle, crescent moon, and square. There is a spiraling energy in the diagonal line from the bottom right to the top left that has a serpent-like curve in it. Three large rectangles form a "phi spiral". According to Plato, the phi spiral is the "key to the physics of the cosmos". Other hidden symbols include the Grim Reaper's scythe and the circle with a dot in the center which is the astrological symbol for the Sun.

What actually goes on in the UN meditation room? What types of occult practice occur amongst UN officials? What 'guests' use this room? Is it just an example of Egyptian mystic inspired architecture? What about the magnetite casket shaped altar? Since altars are not commonly used in meditation practice, what types of 'rituals' is it being used for? Why does it look like a raised burial tomb? Who or what is encased inside the stone slab? The lost Arc of the Covenant? The mummified remains of Abraham or Jesus, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, perhaps?

As the sun gives way to waning light, the meditation room at the UN becomes off-limits to the profane, tax paying public. After dark, what sounds and energies are conjured up in this eerie place?



The mural in the Security Council Chamber shows the "Phoenix rising" from its own ashes as the focus point. The Phoenix bird is a symbol of Lucifer. Barbara Walker, in her occult book, "Now Is The Dawning", writes "Egyptians believed that the Phoenix was the representative of a god who rose to heaven in the form of a morning star, like Lucifer, after his fire-immolation of death and rebirth ...". Within the realm of the occult, the Phoenix is the legendary bird of the Egyptian Satanic Mystery Religions.

Let's take a close-up look at the mural hanging over world leaders who make global decisions affecting the lives of over 6 billion people. (For a close-up of the mural - click the link below, download and open it).



The upper central panel of the mural is shaped like female genitalia = Christian symbol for the fish. It is a large "Sacred Yoni".

Strange looking human in the tree = the tempting serpent.

Little girl = Eve accepting the apple from the serpent in the tree.

Man, woman, baby below = trinity.

Little boy hiding behind the tree with staff in hand = Adam.

Trees envelope the people and "beings" at the top. The trees = the sacred grove. Almost all the people are white-Anglo = superior race (Aryan) using technology to advance the world. In this new world order, they control the fields of industry, art and science. (see the Babylonian ziggurat style building). They stand above the rest as leaders of the new world.


On the right side of the top panel, a reptilian green creature with scaley skin is dancing with a half green skinned naked woman while musicians entertain them. The tops of their heads are not visible (cone-shaped, perhaps?)


The people and phoenix are standing on an ancient mound which conceals the dragon (Satan) image and ancient Babylonian image of a lion/serpent. The Phoenix is standing... not above his ashes...but above his old skin. He skinned himself like a snake does.

The national bird for the US was not originally the Eagle, but the Phoenix, symbolizing the death of the old and the rebirth of the new. The "Phoenix (Lucifer) rising" message when applied to all the surrounding mural scenes shows humanity taking steps into a new physical reality. Humans are seen helping the demonic creatures out of the bottomless pit and then worshiping them.

The sword through the dragon and beast below it = old ways – thoughts – beliefs – religions being ‘killed’
off to bring in new ways – thoughts – beliefs – religions. Old ways are being reborn and recycled to fool mankind. Lucifer rising from the ashes = eternal life.

People of all nations are looking out at images of the sun/stars = ancient symbols for god. They are moving towards a void.


The dark race is still enslaved. See the rope that binds them. They stand on a mound that covers over the hopeless who cannot escape.


The Aryan race is ascending from under the mound. Look at the man above calling them to climb out of the earth. He is playing PAN'S (Satan's) flute.

A military man is standing on the tail of the dragon beast. In ancient times the god’s were often carved as standing on their animal image. Beast = world wide military power.

Above the military man is another man racing towards a new world order of collective races. Look how many pyramid symbols are depicted in this scene. Pyramids = sun sign images = eternal life = phallic symbol of the god(s). Colors are primarily done in gold and red. Gold is the symbol of the sun god. Red is the color of blood.


A man is releasing a "pale horse" (found in the Book of Revelation). It is the horse of “Death” brought to humanity through weapons, hunger and disease. The man is looking outside the window at the sun’s rays that are connected to the moon’s ray = sun god & moon goddess. The white horse is also a goddess symbol = Selene the goddess of the moon and her white horse(s). The moon appears behind the horse. Men carrying shovel and pick = working to support those positioned above them = the technologically evolved Aryan race.

In the panel to the left of the pale horse are 3 children - one with green skin (alien), blue skin (alien-human hybrid) and white skin (alien-ape hybrid).


A woman stands with the windows to the sun god wide open. Women = goddess = fertility = a new generation of people to be born from the sun god's (Satan's) rays.

Above that scene are people standing together forging something new. A military man, a farmer, a hard hat/construction worker. They are peasants..ordinary workers. The peasants are standing in front of pyramid symbols. The church steeple has NO CROSS. They are pouring gold into a pot that is being held up by a hook (crook) which is an ancient symbol of belonging to the crook and flail of the Egyptian Pharaohs. (The British royal family are descendants of the Pharaohs).


Our world leaders are making global decisons beneath this occult UN Security Council mural. They are also "meditating" (or chanting) under the occult mural in the UN meditation room.

Another mural filled with satanic New World Order symbolism is in plain sight at Denver Airport. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news144_denver.html


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