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9 Stupid Beliefs That Can Ruin Your Life


Here are 9 stupid beliefs and expressions that can ruin your life.

Stupid Expression #1: Why Rent when you can own?

Revised: Why rent when you can be owned?




Stupid Expression #2: You can't win if you don't play

Revised: You will probably lose if you play

Scratch & wins, lotteries, stock markets, casinos. The odds are against you. Las Vegas was built on losers.


Stupid Expression #4: I've got nothing to hide

Revised: I've got everything to lose if my privacy is lost

Like common criminals, citizens are photographed everywhere by surveillance cameras, frisked, patted down, bags searched, private body parts xrayed, phone and emails tapped.

Obama just signed the National Defense Authorization Act which destroys the Bill Of Rights by allowing the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens just for being "suspicious".


Stupid Expression #5: I need to give up my freedom to protect my freedom

Revised: I protect my freedom by never giving it up.

Protecting your freedom by giving it up is as insane as flushing money down the toilet so you'll know what happened to it.



Stupid Expression #6: Every Vote Counts

Revised: Money buys elections

It is a documented fact that the candidate with the biggest campaign fund wins elections. Elections are decided long before the election by the corporatocracy who finance politicans into power.

There are 2 parties. One for the rich and one for the even richer. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Voting supports the corrupt electoral system.



Stupid Expression #7: We must fight for peace

Revised: Peace MEANS not fighting


Stupid Expression #8: God takes care of everything

Revised: God does not take care of everything. You do (or don't)

God is a passive excuse to avoid taking responsibility for your life and what's happening in the world


Stupid Expression #9: Santa Claus is real.

Revised: Santa Claus is not real

Teaching your young children that Santa Claus is real - is lying to your children. Your children believe you because they trust you. When they learn that you lied to them about Santa Claus, they feel deceived and fooled by you. It teaches them that they can't always trust what you say.

If you can't trust your parents to tell you the truth, who can you trust?


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