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Head Scars: Obama, Kate, William


April 24, 2012

Scar Gazing

According to interpretations of Bible prophecy, the Antichrist will suffer a head wound but he will recover from it.

In Revelation 13:3, it says, " And I saw one of its (the beast) heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.


Kate's Temple Head Scar

Underneath Kate’s hairstyle, a prominent three-inch scar can be seen on the side of her left temple.The Palace spin doctors at St James’s Palace confirmed that it was the result of surgery as a young child. They declined to discuss what kind of operation because it was, they said, a private matter.

William's "Harry Potter" Head Scar

Kate is not the only one with a scar on her head. William bears a large zig-zag mark on his forehead. He calls it his ‘Harry Potter scar’. The head scar is said to be the result of being accidentally hit with a golf club causing a skull fracture. Surgeons decided to operate after finding that the blow dented a bone in the prince's forehead.

Obama's Head Scar

The media is very careful about how they photograph Barack Obama. He is never photographed from behind, and he’s rarely ever seen in right profile. The curious want to know what's hiding behind the shots — and now it's clear.

The embargo on shots of Obama in right profile hide the bizarre scar he has running from the back of his head on the right side all the way up to his crown. This appears to be from either a massive head injury or a brain operation years ago. This may explain why he needs a TelePrompter to address a bunch of sixth graders. It explains why he gets lost sometimes even while reading from the

Is this why Obama's medical records have been sealed? Here a Scar, There a Scar, Everywhere a New Scar! The latest scar on Obama’s head appears on his left side and extends from the top of his head down to his neck.  Does he change scars like he changes his hair color? Sometimes his hair is all black. Sometimes it's peppered with a little grey. Sometimes it's heavily grey.

When the U.K. Daily Mail asked the White House about Obama's head scars, the White House had “no comment” and called the matter “ridiculous.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper took up the matter and says it’s probably just some weird way Obama’s hair grows that creates these patterns that look like scars.  

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